Tuyển nghiên cứu sinh HB 911 - 2013/2014

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    Năm 2013/2014 Nancy Research Centre for Automatic Control(CRAN, NANCY-France), Joint Research Unit (UMR 7039) associated with Lorraine university and CNRS, có một số đề tài nghiên cứu sinh về các lĩnh vực sau đây:

    - Automatic Control: Systems Observation and Control;
    - System Identification and Signal Processing;
    - Dependability and System Diagnosis;
    - Health Engineering;
    - Ambient Manufacturing Systems
    - Reliability and maintenance optimization

    Các bạn nghiên cứu sinh HB 911 quan tâm có thể liên hệ với mình.

    Ngoài HB của chính phủ VN, Lab sẽ hỗ trợ thêm hàng tháng cho mỗi nghiên cứu sinh từ 300 đến 500 Euros.

    Dr. Đỗ Văn Phúc, Associate Professor
    TELECOM Nancy (www.telecomnancy.eu)
    Research Centre for Automatic Control (CRAN: www.cran.uhp-nancy.fr)
    Lorraine University (www.univ-lorraine.fr), France
    Email: van-phuc.do@univ-lorraine.fr
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    Dưới đây là một đề tài làm PhD

    Energy efficiency based maintenance for complex systems

    - Associate Professor: Van-Phuc DO (supervisor)
    Nancy research center for automatic control, Lorraine University

    - Professor: Benoit IUNG (co-supervisor)
    Nancy research center for automatic control, Lorraine University

    Energy is today the key to economic growth. Manufacturing activities may involve significant energy consumption. Energy resources are however limited and become more and more costly. Energy optimization of fixed installations (continuous industrial processes, manufacturing, computer data centers and massive storage ...) and mobile systems (mobility, transport, weapons systems, vehicles ...) is therefore an important issue to their economic competitiveness, their environmental impact as well as to control of energy resources (electricity, gas, water, oil, hydrogen, biomass ...). This should be reflected primarily by improving energy efficiency, i.e. reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.

    To face these issues, Europe has set ambitious goals to promote the development of new technologies or disruptive technologies that can improve the energy efficiency and reduce energy costs up to 60% in the most energy-intensive industrial sectors (manufacture of glass, cement, steel, refining ...). To this end, one of the most important solutions is to develop efficient maintenance strategies which can not only avoid the failure of the system but also help to anticipate the growing up of global energy consumptions by replacing preventively and early high energy consumption components by low consumption ones, e.g. high technologies components.

    The aim of this thesis is to propose an adequate dynamic grouping maintenance model for complex structure systems. The energy efficiency is a main decision indicator to select components to be preventively maintained. To estimate the energy consumption of components, prognostic techniques will be developed and implemented. Moreover, in the framework of multi-component systems, dependencies between components often exist and they may have significant influence on the deterioration behaviour, energy consumption of components. These dependencies may impact indirectly to logistic support policies, maintenance strategies as well as production planning. In this PhD work, three different kinds of dependencies (structural, economic and stochastic dependencies) will be investigated.

    Bạn nào quan tâm có thể liên hệ: van-phuc.do@univ-lorraine.fr
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    Thêm một đề tài làm PhD về lĩnh vự TĐH, bạn nào quan tâm hãy liên hệ với mình:

    Van-Phuc DO, Associate Professor
    TELECOM Nancy
    Research Center for Automatic Control (CRAN CNRS UMR 7039)
    Lorraine Unviversity
    mail: van-phuc.do@univ-lorraine.fr
    Webs: www.telecomnancy.eu || www.cran.uhp-nancy.fr

    PhD project: Fault-Tolerant Control system design based on Ageing Management
    Fault Tolerant Control System is an important technical control strategy that is able to maintain system stability and safety with a degree of performance after the occurrence of critical event as system component faults or failures. Such systems are extremely important in safety-critical applications, such as chemical and nuclear plants, or Wind Energy Conversion System. However, despite of the many efforts in control community, most of the contributions did not consider or take into account the components characteristics in control systems as reliability. The aim is to guarantee the performance and to reduce the disparity between nominal and degraded case for a critical/severe faulty situations.
    According to the analysis of dependability of the system, this thesis proposes to synthesize faults and failures tolerant strategies of control in order to achieve self-healing capability of closed-loop systems. The proposed thesis will include two research facets: the first will deal with on-line modeling and assessing dependability by considering the components context of use behavior along the life cycle with uncertainties on parameter estimation. This allows the integration of aging and health management of the safety systems. Control system strategy impacts dependability, therefore the second research facet will concern the design of a novel active fault-tolerant control system integrating dependability based on specific reliability/aging models. Some recent methods proposed by our team in collaboration with Pr. J. Jiang (University of Western Ontario, London, Canada) on the reallocation control method based on reconfiguration inputs synthesized on the aging model will be considered first. Moreover, in the presence of fault or failure occurrence, an accurate gain controller should be determined both on pole placement and aging criteria according to a Linear Matrix Inequality formulation. The developed method will be considered the sensitivity and will be robust against the uncertainties on the On-line reliability estimation.
    The development of new fault-tolerant control methods based on the On-line reliability analysis despite of the fault/failures occurrence appears to have significant outcomes. This project is innovative and challenging in the FTC framework. A novel concept of active Fault-Tolerant Control system achieving the highest dependability will be developed.
    Keywords: Fault Tolerant Control system, On-line Reliability estimation, Linear Matrix Inequality
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    Thưa thầy, em không ở diện 911 (chưa có bằng Master) apply có được không ạ?

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