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    It! is! open! to! award! a! grant! for! one!postdoctoral! research position within! the!
    project!“IMAGOS*– Inovative*Methodologies* in*Archaeology,*Archaeometry*
    and* Geophysics* – Optimizing* Strategies* X* APOLLO* – Archaeological* and*
    Physical*OnHsite* Laboratory*– Lifting*Outputs,!operation!nº!Alen8º!07802248
    FEDER8001760,! co8funded! by! the! European! Regional! Development! Fund!
    (FEDER)!through!the!INALENTEJO!8 Specific!Regulation!Support!System!Entities!
    Admission* Requirements: PhD! in! applied! geophysics! or! equivalent! area!
    (Geoengineering/Physics);!fieldwork experience (in! potential! methods! and/or!
    electromagnetic! methods);! intermediate/advanced! skills! in! programming!
    languages.! The!investigator!must! show!interest! to! hire! and! ability! to!integrate!
    geology, and!conservation!and!restoration.
    Work*plan: The!APOLLO!project!will!contribute!to!the!overall!objectives!of!the!
    program! IMAGOS,! focusing! on! the! development! and! application! of!geophysical!
    methodologies! for! the! non8destructive! and! in8situ! investigation! of! important!
    archaeological! sites.! In! particular, the! APOLLO! project! intends! to! adopt! a! fully!
    integrated!approach!that!combines!archaeological and!geophysical!activities,!in8
    situ! chemical! analysis, and! interpretation! and! integration! of! research! with!
    natural! science! and! management/conservation! of! heritage.! A! deeper!
    centre! of! theoretic and! experimental! knowledge! applicable! to! other!
    archaeological!and!cultural!heritage contexts are!expected!results!in!this!project.Thus!the!investigator!to!hire!and!considering!his/her!profile!should!develop!and!
    use! techniques! and! methodologies! in! the! field! of! non8invasive! geophysical!
    • Apply! to! archeology! techniques!used!in geophysics:! Ground! Penetrating!
    Radar! (GPR);! geomagnetic!methods,!location/navigation!systems!in! real!
    time!using GPS;!development!and!use!of!technical!authoring!and!viewing!
    • Collaborate! in! the! creation! of! very! close! horizontal! sections! to! create!
    precise! 3D! maps! of! the! sub8surface! of great! interest! to! geophysical!
    • Participate!in!the!preparation!of!reports!and!scientific!papers.
    • Collaborate! on! activities! related! to! the! University of! Évora and! post8
    Legislation* and* regulations:* The! grant! for! this! post8doctoral! research!
    fellowship! will! be! held! by! a! contract! between! the! University! of! Évora! and! the!
    grantee! under! the! Research! Grant! Regulation! from! the! University! of! Évora!
    (Service!Order!No.! 1/2011),!Research! Fellow Statutes (Law!No.! 40/2004! of! 18!
    August!and!Decree8Law!No.!202/2012!of!27!August), and!in!accordance!with!the!
    rules! and! regulations! for! Advanced! Training! and! Qualification! of! Human!
    Place* of* work: The!work!will!be!developed!in the Geophysics!Centre!of!Évora,
    HERCULES!Laboratory, and!the!University!of!Évora,!under!the!scientific!guidance!
    of!Professors!Bento Caldeira!and!José!Fernando!Borges.
    Duration* of* the* grant:! The!grant!will! run! for! 18!months,! commencing!in! July!
    The grant! will! be! paid! monthly! by! check! or! bank! transfer,! with! a! value! of!
    1495€/month according! to! the! table! of! FCT! values! for scholarships,!
    published in a list!with!discriminated final!scores!of! the!candidates obtained!in
    the! selection! made! by! the! jury! and! affixed! in! HERCULES! Laboratory,! with!
    registered! address! at! Largo& Marques& de& Marialva,& 8,& Évora or! in!,! being! the! approved! applicant notified!
    Applications!must! be! formalized,! necessarily,! by! sending!a!letter! of!application!
    accompanied!by!the following!documents:!Document!ID,!CV,!academic!certificate,!
    Applications should!be!sent!by!post!or!email!to:Prof.!Doutor António!José!Estêvão!Grande!Candeias
    Universidade!de!Évora!8 Laboratório!HERCULES
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    Postdoctoral scholar position, research on security & privacy for healthcare informat

    Postdoctoral scholar position
    mHealth group, Professor David Kotz
    Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth

    I am looking for a sharp graduate to join my team as a postdoc as soon as possible.

    The postdoc will be involved in our research on security & privacy for healthcare information systems; in particular, my group is working on secure methods for use of mobile computing and wearable sensors in the context of healthcare (mHealth). See our recent papers. As such, the postdoc would join an inter-disciplinary team working on multiple projects, notably the exciting new Trustworthy Health & Wellness (THaW) project funded by NSF and the venerable Strategic Healthcare Information Technology Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS) funded by HHS. We collaborate with colleagues in the engineering and medical schools, and in India.

    The candidate must have finished his or her Ph.D in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, have deep experience with mobile/ubiquitous computing, security, or privacy, have experience planning and conducting experimental computer systems research, and be an excellent programmer. Ideal candidates will also have experience with embedded computing, sensor networks, machine learning, or HCI.

    Dartmouth College is an Ivy League university with graduate programs in the sciences, engineering, medicine, and business. It is located in the beautiful town of Hanover NH, about two hours northwest of Boston. Dartmouth College is an equal opportunity employer.

    Interested candidates should send their vita (pdf, please), and arrange to have three letters of reference sent directly to Professor David Kotz by email to

    Applications are being reviewed as they arrive.
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    Postdoctoral position in Computer Architecture - CE

    Good luck !

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    Một gs trẻ mới được nhận ở MPI và có funding để lập group riêng về data mining. Anh này đang tuyển PhD và cả postdoc, ai có background về lĩnh vực này có thể contact để hỏi
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    Post-doctoral research position at UCLA

    Postdoctoral position in research of III-V nanopillar optoelectronic devices

    Join a group of researchers at UCLA, led by Prof. Diana Huffaker, developing a groundbreaking new class of devices based on III-V nanopillar arrays. This is initially a one-year appointment. You should be an individual who is self-motivated, a complex-problem solver, independent, capable of executing tasks within tight deadlines and a good communicator. Your responsibilities will include: fabrication of nanopillar devices, designing and executing experiments for benchmarking device performance, presenting and discussing results in a fast-paced, compact team environment.

    Benefits and compensation at the postdoctoral scholar level are determined by the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA.

    Basic Qualifications:

    PhD in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Applied Physics, Physics or related field.

    Extensive device fabrication skills (photolithography; plasma etching; wet etching; metal deposition; current or long-term user of a nano fabrication cleanroom facility)

    Experience with III-V semiconductor crystal growth via MOCVD or MBE.

    Experience with hardware control software such as Labview or Matlab.

    Familiarity with electrical transport measurements, optical characterization and physics of semiconductors

    Desired Qualifications:

    PhD thesis in nanophotonic device fabrication and characterization.

    Expertise in optical characterization (in the shot wave and mid wave infrared).

    Expertise in heteroepitaxial crystal growth of III-V nanowires

    Expertise in electrical device modeling such as drift-diffusion or Monte Carlo simulations.

    Expertise in optical simulations (such as FDTD, FDFD, etc.)

    Contact: Prof. Diana Huffaker (
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    Multiple post-doc positions available in computational materials science in Academia Sinica, Taiwan

    Chun-Wei Pao Assistant Research Fellow at Academia Sinica, Taiwan

    We have multiple postdoc positions on molecular modeling of small molecule solar cells and graphene defects available immediately in Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Candidates with expertise in molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo modeling, and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations are especially welcome to apply. For those who are interested, please contact Dr. Chun-Wei Pao, email:
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    Post-doctoral research position at UCSB

    Có đoạn này mình không hiểu lắm nhưng nếu bạn nào quan tâm có thể viết thư hỏi họ trực tiếp.

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    Postdoc position in KAIST-Korea

    Postdoctoral positions:

    The Integrated Marine Physical Coastal Ocean Observing Laboratory (IMCOOL), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)/Chonnam National University invites applications for a postdoc position in the areas of physical and biological oceanography. Detailed topics are
    - Development of the advection-diffusion model based on satellite and in-situ observations (ADCP, CTD, and HF radars etc)
    - Parameterization of physio-biological interactions at mesoscale and submesoscale

    The skill of computing languages (MATLAB, Fortran, R, etc) is required. A Ph.D. in ocean science or a related discipline with emphasis in mathematics and statistics and a proven ability to conduct innovative and independent research are required. Screening of applicants will begin at the beginning of February 1st, 2014 and applications should be received prior to January 31, 2014. Applicants should submit, in English, their CV, transcripts, key written works and one page summary of research conducted including contact details of three referees to Prof. Sung Yong Kim (, Division of Ocean Systems Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
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    Postdoc/PhD poitions in Smart Grids @ Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

    The positions are at the Electrical Energy Systems (EES) group, department of Electrical Engineering.

    With a massive integration of small-scale controllable devices, the problem of supply-demand matching (SDM) under the smart grid context is preferably solved by using bottom-up approach with a crucial role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The developed SDM solutions must be able to integrate uncontrollable devices, time-shifting appliances, as well as fully controllable devices via the standardized interface of FlexiblePower Application Infrastrucuture ( A focus is on optimally allocating energy consumption and production of multi-commodity appliances such as heat pumps or micro-combined heat and power devices.

    Furthermore, such SDM solutions will be proved in large-scale field test of the next phase of the PowerMatching City ( The SDM’s role in capacity management will be investigated in this demonstration.

    Successful candidates should be a good match to the following progiles:
    - A recent PhD (for Postdoc positions) or Master (for PhD position) degree in either Electrical Engineering or ICT with related background on Electrical Power System.
    - Having experience with distributed and computational intelligence including agent-based technology
    - Java programming with OSGi would be added value

    If you are interested in the positions, please send your CV to
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    The Leibniz – DAAD Research Fellowship programme is jointly carried out by the Leibniz Association (Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz e.V.) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Leibniz-DAAD fellowships offer highly-qualified, international postdoctoral researchers, who have recently completed their doctoral studies, the opportunity to conduct research at the Leibniz Institute of their choice in Germany.
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    Rất cần sự chia sẽ của anh chị về làm visa đi Hong Kong

    Mình tháng 10 đi Hong Kong để tham sự conference. Không biết anh(chị) đã đi hong kong hướng dẫn giúp mình làm visa. Mình hiện này đang là sinh viên tại ÚC, làm visa tại ÚC đi hong kong, hộ chiếu của mình là Việt Nam. Rất mong sự chia sẽ của các anh chị. Rất mong chia sẽ của anh chị.
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    Thường visa HK, host làm thì sẽ dễ hơn mình tự làm. Bạn nhờ cái conf làm giúp, nếu người ta không chịu làm thì xin cái thư mời của conf rồi theo hướng dẫn trên web mà apply.
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    *Post-doc position / GPM / Rouen / France

    *Post-doc position / GPM / Rouen / France
    *Role of impurities and solute elements on radiation hardening of
    ferritic-matensitic steels: an atom probe tomography study
    *Candidates will have a PhD in Material science, Physical metallurgy or
    closely allied field. Skills in atom probe tomography are not mandatory.
    Strong background in phase transformation, thermodynamics and diffusion
    in metals are needed.
    Full curriculum vitae, copies of publications and the names, addresses
    and e-mail of two references must be submitted to
    2 32 95 51 31).
    *Role of impurities and solute elements on radiation hardening of
    ferritic-matensitic steels: an atom probe tomography study *
    This work is a part of the FP7/MatiSSE European project (Grant agreement
    no: 604862).
    Ferritic-martensitic (F-M) steels with high chromium content (9%-14%)
    are envisaged for structural elements in Gen-IV reactors (for fuel
    assemblies, core support…) because oftheir superior resistance to
    irradiation [1,2]. However, these steels are prone to radiation
    hardening and embrittlement at low temperature. For Cr supersaturated
    alloys of low purity, Cr participate to the formation of α’ particles
    known as embrittling features and Ni, Si and P were shown to form
    Cr-rich-NiSiP clusters in Fe-Cr F-M alloys of low purity [3]whatever the
    Cr content. Application of a simple three-feature dispersed-barrier
    hardening modelstrongly suggest a non-negligible role of the
    Cr-rich-NiSiP clusters on hardening [4].
    Understanding of the evolution and the formation of these two cluster
    families with irradiation temperature and their relative contribution to
    hardening are key points for predicting the behavior of F-M steels after
    long-term ageing and irradiation.
    In this project, the young scientist will carry out the characterization
    at the atomic-scale using atom probe tomography of Fe-Cr(NiSiP) alloys
    that were either self-ion irradiated or neutron irradiated. The goal
    will be to study the evolution of the Cr-rich-NiSiP clusters and α’ with
    irradiation dose, flux, temperature and irradiation type (neutron or
    self-ion irradiations).
    Results will be compared with:
    i) experimental data obtained by TEM, SANS and PAS within the MatISSE
    project by the other research groups (CIEMAT (Spain), HZDR (Germany),
    SCK-CEN(Belgium), CNRS(France), CEA(France))
    ii) simulations performed in the framework of the MAtISSE project
    in order to rationalize the formation and evolution of the alloys under
    [1]F. Garner, M. Toloczko, B. Sencer, J Nucl Mater 276 (2000) 123.
    [2]R.L. Klueh, D.R. Harries, High-Chromium Ferritic and Martensistic
    Steels for Nuclear Application, ASTM, 2001.
    [3]V. Kuksenko, C. Pareige, P. Pareige, J. Nucl. Mater. 432 (2013) 160.
    [4]F. Bergner, C. Pareige, M. Hernández-Mayoral, L. Malerba, C. Heintze,
    J. Nucl. Mater. 448 (2014) 96.
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    Theo nguồn tin của mình thì giáo sư Dr. Kees Flipse đang tuyển postdoc có kinh nghiệm STM (on a project related to catalysis research with STM, water dissociation on magnetic oxide materials). Do mình mới bắt đầu làm postdoc chỗ khác nên không thể tự applỵ Do đó mình chia sẻ ở đây với các anh chị em làm PhD ở các nơi khạc

    Dịa chỉ liên lạc:

    Dr. Kees Flipse
    Eindhoven University of technology;Physics department, spectrum 0.63
    P.O.Box 513
    5600 MB Eindhoven
    phone: +31402474118
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    Em xin hỏi: Em đang muốn đăng chủ đề thảo luận về lựa chọn hướng Academic or Industry sau PhD để các anh chị truyền lại kinh nghiệm cho đàn em, nhưng chưa biết cách đăng. Em là thành viên mới. Mong các anh chị chỉ gium. Em cảm ơn các anh chi.
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    Em nghĩ chị Thanh Huyen thử tạo một thread về nội dung chị muốn thảo luận trong After Phd, để nếu mọi người quan tâm sẽ cùng tham gia trao đổi ạ :d
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    hello cả nhà, mình đang chuẩn bị submit thesis, và đang muốn tìm post position về lĩnh vực criminology and criminal justice. Nếu a chị em nào có thông tin gì lien quan có thể chia sẻ thêm cho với nhé. Cảm ơn cả nhà

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