PhD positions in the field of Environmental Informatics & Energy Systems Engineering in South Korea

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    Dear everyone,
    I'm providing you detailed information for this PhD position as followed:
    - Major: Environmental Informatics & Energy Systems Engineering (EMSEL)
    - Location: Kyung Hee University (Global campus) (
    - Intake: Spring 2019
    - Lab Homepage:
    - Supervisor: Professor Chang Kyoo Yoo
    - Publications: ~ 220 SCI journal paper publication
    - Project description :
     Development of smart operation and management of chemical/environment/energy processes with big data, AI and machine learning
     Control and optimization : Multivariate control, cascade control, advanced feedback/feedforward control, model-based control, batch control - Process systems engineering (PSE)
     AI-Deep learning based environmental process modeling and control (DNN/RNN/CNN)
     AI-Deep reinforcement learning-based control and optimization in plants (e.g., Alpha-go, Deep Q-learning, policy gradient, A2C, Self-supervised learing)
     Reinforcement learning based optimization and set-point trajectory (e.g., Reinforcement learning)
     Deep-learning modeling (e.g., deep neural network, convolution neural network, recurrent neural network)
     Design of smart water factory and development of smart operational/management system for environment process
     Big data analytics : Statistical data analysis of energy/environment data
     Environmental process modeling and optimization
     Fault detection an diagnosis with informatics
     Indoor air quality control and optimization with AI and big data
     Cheminformatics/ecoinformatics/Energyinformatics
     Molecular modeling, 1st principle computation model, computational chemistry, computational toxicology
     Energy systems design with renewable energy (RES) with big data
     Climate change research- big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence
     Water-energy-climate nexus model with AI(Big data, Deep learning, Reinforcement Learning)
    - Projects: Korea Research Foundation (KRF, ~2022), Brain Korea 21 education program (~2020), Samsung Engineering (~2020), Samsung Display, Climate change adaption graduate program (~2024)
    - Requirements
     Background : Strong background in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, any other (computer programming skill preferred) or computer science/electrical
    engineering or industrial engineering/statistics - Programming language (preferred) : Matlab (important tool) or python/Tensorflow for research or C/C++/C# (any) or application program for project
     Preferred knowledge : Modeling, Control, statistics, optimization, Machine learning/AI, Process systems engineering (PSE)
    - Salary & output requirements: Candidate is advised to discuss directly with Prof. Chang Kyoo Yoo about this issues.
    - Contact Info. : Please feel free to contact to Prof. Chang Kyoo Yoo
    email :


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