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    Postdoc in Medicinal Chemistry/Organic Chemistry

    A one-year postdoc position is available from October 1, 2012 in the Chemical NeuroScience Group at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

    The project is on the discovery of novel ligands targeting the glutamate neurotransmitter system in central nervous system. Special focus is on the rational design and synthesis of ligands for the excitatory amino acid transporters (EAATs).

    The qualified candidate has a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry at both theoretical and practical levels. The candidate has a creative mind and strong driving force to achieve novel scientific goals, independently as well as through collaborative efforts. Furthermore, the ideal candidate has insight into aspects of rational drug design, as well as a desire to contribute to the development of novel psychiatric therapeutics for today’s unmet medical needs.

    Supervision of MSc and PhD students on a daily basis as well as other teaching obligations amounts to approximately 10 percent of the workload.

    For questions and/or additional information, please contact Lennart Bunch, Associate Professor, PhD, head of the Chemical NeuroScience Group, phone +45 35336244, e-mail:, webpage: or

    The application should as a minimum include a letter of motivation and CV including list of publications. Applications should be sent via (select ‘apply online’ at the bottom of the page). Only electronic applications are accepted.

    Application deadline is August 19, 2012. Personal interviews will be scheduled immediately thereafter.
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    Postdoct in Moon Lab at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

    Postdoctoral positions are available in Moon Lab at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor on (1) development of novel technologies at the interface of immunology and engineering, (2) design and development of drug candidates for enhancing immune functions against cancer and infectious diseases using advanced in vitro and in vivo high-throughput methods, and (3) translational research using nanotechnology, biomaterials, drug delivery, cell and tissue engineering to detect and manipulate immune responses in vivo. We use a variety of methods including nanomaterials, polymer and scaffold synthesis, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, advanced microscopy, and whole animal in vivo imaging. Successful candidates will have a strong publication history and Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical/chemical engineering, and/or immunology. Good communication skills and willingness to work in a highly multidisciplinary team with other engineers, bioengineers, pharmaceutical scientists, and immunologists are required. Please send CV with contact information of three references and a brief description of research interests to Professor James Moon (moonjj
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    PhD position in Pharmaceutical science

    PhD position in Pharmaceutical science - Uppsala University

    The PhD project is linked to the research group Pharmaceutics, whose research centers on the question of how to formulate and combine different types of drug substances with excipients to enable a rational development and manufacturing of medicines.

    The PhD student will work in the project Modelling the behaviour of granular materials under confined conditions. The overall goal of this project is to provide tools to model the mechanical response of powders on the particle level, especially at high packing density, as during manufacturing of tablets through confined compression. To achieve this goal, a combination of experimental and theoretical studies are required that are based on how single particles behave when loaded in different ways. The PhD project will thus cover experimental characterization of the mechanical properties of individual particles in order to formulate the appropriate contact models for the interaction between particles. These contact models will ultimately be used to study aspects of powder compression with the Discrete Element Method. The PhD project will also include evaluation of the obtained contact models, mainly through comparisons with relevant experimental data, but also by comparisons with results from simulations with alternative methods, especially the combined Finite and Discrete Element Method. In summary, the PhD project will mainly encompass experimental work but will also provide excellent opportunities for theoretical elaboration.

    The holder of a PhD-student position shall primarily devote her/his time to own research studies. Other departmental work, such as educational or administrative can be part of position (max 20%). Local guidelines at Uppsala University determine the salary.The application should include a CV, authorized copies of degrees and transcripts of academic records and a letter of intention (max 2 pages), where you describe yourself, your research interest and research experience. In addition the application should include relevant publications, a copy of the Diploma work and contact information for at least two references.

    For further information contact Dr Göran Frenning, tel. +46-18-471 4375, .Union representatives are Anders Grundström, SACO-rådet, tel +46-18-471 53 80, Carin Söderhäll, OFR-S/ST, tel +4618-471 19 96, Stefan Djurström, SEKO, tel +46-18-471 33 15.

    Application Deadline : 15 November 2012
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    Bioinformatics / Systems Biology position

    A dynamic, innovative research laboratory of Pharmacogenomics at the College of Pharmacy, Oregon State University (OSU) is seeking to fill a Post-Doctoral position in Bioinformatics. The laboratory is highly collaborative with range of partnerships located in United States (National Institutes of Health and different colleges of OSU) and abroad (Norway, Brazil).
    These papers (Nature Medicine. 2011 Nov 20;17(12):1585-93; BMC Bioinformatics. 2011 Jul 14;12:286) illustrate where we were about a year ago. Currently we have more “things” going on such as reconstruction and analysis of transkingdom networks from microbial metagenomics and host transcriptomics in animal and clinical systems.
    The successful candidate will be executing research projects in Systems Bio/Medicine focused on the analysis of pharmacogenomics, metagenomic, transcriptomics, and metabolomics and other ‘omics’ data derived from the human samples and experimental animals. Analyses will broadly focus on systems-level studies using different modeling approaches including network analysis of interaction between drug, host and its microbiome, as well as discovery of biomarkers relevant to human disease such as cervical cancer and immunodeficiency. The candidate should be familiar with statistics and bioinformatic techniques for genomic data analysis and have to collaborate closely with members of experimental laboratories for validation of computational results.
    A Doctoral degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Biology, or a related field and ability to collaborate well are required. Proficiency in statistical programming and/or scripting languages appropriate for scalable data analysis (e.g., R, Perl, Python, etc.); familiarity with functional genetic and/or genomic data, as indicated by the publication record. Experience with biological databases and wet lab is a plus.
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    Computational Medicinal Chemistry

    A computational medicinal chemistry postdoctoral position is available immediately in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, 38655, in the research group of Prof. Robert J. Doerksen.

    Applications must be submitted through the University of Mississippi’s online employment site at: Applicants may address inquiries about the position to
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    Position : Staff Pharmacist

    Position : Staff Pharmacist
    Company : Ikinya Pharmacy
    Location : Poulsbo, Wash.

    Job description : Must be able to perform compounding and dispensing medication accurately and providing patient counseling. Other duties include:

    Manage inventory and record keeping
    Satisfy all Pharmacist-in-Charge requirements
    Ensure all work processes are performed efficiently and effectively

    Requirements : current active pharmacy license in good standing

    Contact Information : Indy Sarvaiya 360-930-8264
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    University of Kent

    This is an exciting opportunity for a Research Associate to work on a scientific project entitled “Targeting of chemotactic vasoactive peptide receptor signalling in neurovascular diseases”. This project forms part of the “Peptide Research Network of Excellence” (PeReNE) and is funded by the Interreg-IVA program France (Channel) – England. The purpose of PeReNE is to place the Channel region at the forefront of peptide research by bringing together efforts of 23 research teams and 3 core facilities from INSERM, CNRS and Universities of Amiens, Rouen, Caen, Rennes, Brest, Exeter, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Sussex and Kent (

    The scope of the project is to synthesize novel hybrid silica-core-noble-metal shell based nanocarriers and investigate their capacity for the targeted delivery and controlled release of neuroactive peptides into malignant brain tumours. The nanocarriers will be evaluated by the collaborating research team at the University of Rouen, France to ascertain their efficiency of delivery in vitro and in vivo. Working closely with researchers at Rouen, the design of the nanocarriers is expected to be further optimised to enhance the delivery and the therapeutic effect.

    Please follow to apply for this vacancy.
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    Postdoctoral Research Fellow - UMN

    A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is immediately available in the lab of Dr. Jatinder Lamba with focus on the pharmacogenomics of anticancer drugs. The lab specifically focuses on identifying genetic mechanisms underlying inter-patient variation in clinical response. Experimental work in the lab involves use of molecular biology and tissue culture techniques involved in molecular pharmacology, molecular genetics and functional genomics. Required skills for this position includes technical and conceptual expertise in tissue culture techniques with emphasis siRNA mediated knockdown, in vitro cytotoxicy and apoptosis measurements of various cell lines. Understanding of the basic principles of genetics/pharmacogenetics would be preferred. Interested candidate please email your CV to Dr. Jatinder Lamba,

    Jatinder Lamba, Ph.D
    Associate Professor,
    Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology,
    Director, PUMA-Institute of Personalized Medicine,
    College of Pharmacy,
    University of Minnesota,
    14-271 Moos Tower,
    420 Delaware St SE,
    Phone: 612-624-8651
    Fax: 612-625-4294
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    Hoc thac si nganh Duoc

    A/chi cho em hoi co truong nao co hoc bong thac si nganh Duoc ko a? Em dang hoc Duoc nam 4. Em rat muon tim hieu them ve van de nay!
    Em xin cam on!
    Xl vi dt e k viet co dau dc!
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    Asking information!

    Xin chào các anh chị, không biết có anh chị nào có thông tin về các phòng thí nghiệm ở Mỹ đang nghiên cứu stem cell cancer không ạ? Em hiện đang là phD student of Biotechnology ở Nhật và sang năm sẽ tốt nghiệp. Em đang tìm postdoc or R&D postion ở Mỹ , mong anh chị nào có thông tin vui lòng hướng dẫn em ạ. Em chân thành cám ơn các anh chị! Chúc anh chị 1 tuần làm việc vui vẻ!

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