Multiple positions (Postdoc, PhD, Master) at SJTU

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    Chào ACE,
    Mình có nhận được mẩu tin tuyển sinh viên từ Dr. Paul Weng, trường SJTU.
    Bạn nào có hứng thú làm AI, ML, hoặc optimization, liên hệ Dr. Paul Weng (

    Postdoctoral, PhD and Master positions available at
    University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiaotong University Joint Institute

    Dr. Paul Weng (

    - Shanghai Jiaotong University (,Shanghai
    - Full time position, fully funded for successful candidates
    - Academic background (Computer Science, Electrical and Computer
    Engineering,Optimization, and Control Theory are preferred)
    - Fluent in English
    - Design and apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization
    techniques to engineering domains (power systems, computer networks, robotics...)
    Scholarship Application Portal for Graduate Program:
    - On-campus Accommodation
    - Competitive salary for Postdocs, PhD and Master students
    Please send your resume or your questions regarding the details of this position to:
    Subject of email for Postdoc applications: Application-Postdoc-2018
    Subject of email for PhD applications: Application-PhD-2018
    Subject of email for MSc applications: Application-MSc-2018
    SJTU is ranked among top ten universities in engineering according to US news global
    ranking. UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI) (, founded in 2006,
    represents a strategic global partnership between the two top universities in US and China,
    University of Michigan (UM) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). The Chinese
    Government and both partner universities are fully committed to develop JI as a world-class
    institute for engineering education. During the past nine years, JI has developed tremendously and
    achieved extraordinary accomplishments, such as “First-Class Award for National Education
    Reform” (2009), “Model of Chinese Higher Education Reform” by Chinese State Council in 2011,
    and “Model for International Education in Shanghai” (2012). In 2014, JI was the first Chinese
    institution to win the prestigious Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International
    Education—one of the highest honors in international higher education. In a short time, JI has set a
    successful example for Sino-American educational collaboration in China, which has made a great
    impact on other Chinese universities.
    In June 2012, SJTU and University of Michigan signed a 10-year (2012-2022) agreement on
    strategic collaboration, laying a solid foundation for further Sino-US education cooperation.
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