Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks

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  1. xuanlh

    xuanlh Simple man

    This is an email from my Prof:
    Dear MWCN2008 TPC member,

    The reviewing process will start in a few days.

    Please let us know the topics (see
    <>) you prefer to assign papers to you.

    PS. The number of received papers is low. To make MWCN a successful
    conference, paper submissions are still welcome. Please don't hesitate
    to ask your colleagues or PhD students that we accept paper submission
    till 11 April.

    Best regards.

    Ai làm về mảng này tham gia để gặp nhau cho vui cái nhỉ? Chắc đợt này tôi sẽ phải làm reviewer giúp cho Prof, không chừng có thể chín bỏ làm mười cho "người nhà" cũng nên ;).
  2. Kev

    Kev Thèm thuồng

    Rat muon nhung lai khong co ba`i de contribute. :D.

    Dot sau bac co lam TPC cua cai nao khac thi nhan em. Hihi.


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