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    We would like to announce that our research group (Professor Andy Siu) currently has one position open for PhD research student (Full Scholarship).

    - We are a highly motivated and interdisciplinary research group seeking students with strong analytical abilities
    - Candidates must:
    o hold Bachelor OR Master degree in Chemistry or equivalent
    o demonstrate high English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL)
    - Prior knowledge and skills in computational chemistry and computer programming will be an added advantage.
    - PhD Studentship / Fellowship will provide a monthly stipend of HKD 15,900 / HKD20,000 (more than enough to reach a reasonable living standard in HongKong)
    - You will be given opportunity to conduct research abroad in the institutions of our collaborators.

    Our research focus on:

    - Gas-phase unimolecular reactions of biological molecules, e.g. electron transfer, fragmentation and radical migration of peptide radical cations
    - Atmospheric ion-molecule reaction,
    - Reaction dynamics of hydrated electrons, catalysis by metal cluster ions and ionic solvation.

    You may visit our group website http://iodine.bch.cityu.edu.hk/

    Application Procedures:
    Please send your most updated and comprehensive CV to chiksiu@cityu.edu.hk asap for screening purposes. In the CV, please also include details of your educational background, including the average score or CGPA, IELTS or TOEFL score, your research experience and publications, if any.

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