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    Hi folks,

    I just received a PhD scholarship to do PhD. When I applied for this scholarship, I asked my old supervisors for LoRs and promised them that if I got the scholarship, i will be supervised by them thoughout my PhD. Hahahahhaha, today I got it, please congratulate me, folks.... Thank you.

    I found out that if I do a PhD with them, it is really tough and I will not receive sufficiently financial support for my program. One day, I found one professor who has a big project which is relevant to what I like, I contacted him for some information. I am said that if I do PhD with him, he will cover all research expenses,e.g. air-ticket to Vietnam for field work, analytical cost, training cost, international conference attendence cost, and give me some money, roughly 500 bucks each month (plus 2500 bucks from living allowance provided from scholarship). I think i am lucky to have him through my PhD. I changed the proposal as he asked and do some paper works to change the supervisor team and enrol very soon.

    Please give me some advice to deal with the situation when i meet the old superviors at the campus? It is necessary to tell him that I changed the advisory team? What I should tell them now? I dont want to loose them because i think I will need them some time in my life.
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    This is difficult, I guess
    I am not sure what I will do if I were you
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    There's no easy way out in this kind of situation. Tell them that you are sincerely sorry about ditching them, but you will be more than happy to take part/help/etc. in/with their works in the future. These things happen.

    Congratulations by the way! And also don't promise thing like this in the future haha.
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    Hey buddies,

    I wrote them this email and got a reply from one of them. What do you think his reply. Was he unpleasant? Is there any implication that he was unhappy? Thanks

    Dear A and B,

    How are you doing? I wish I would write you earlier. A and B, I decided to do my PhD with C, D and E. My PhD is a part of their project. I have talked to my Director in Vietnam and he encouraged me to do the project".........", which is relevant to my future position in Vietnam. For me, this project interests me, and it is better for me to do something i like.

    A and B, thank you very much for your tireless and gracious help during my Master program, both intellectually and financially. You gave me many job opportunities such as lab assistant, field work helpers, tutoring, book reviewing and other job chances, to deal with my financial difficulty. More importantly, you unhesitatingly help me to write many letters of reference for PhD admission and scholarship applications.

    I will start my PhD on 1 June at our campus, not anywhere else, so we still meet and talk some time. I am writting fourth paper and I will send it to you as soon as I finished

    Again, thank you alot,


    one of them replied me

    Dear VVV,

    Thank you very much for your nice email

    I think you made a good choice with your PhD topic - this is the freedom you have if you bring your own money. I hope and a wish that you can enjoy your freedom successfully.

    It is good that you are still around at campus. We will definitely catch up once in a while.


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    Non-emotional response, I guess, and at least not too negative

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