Interview xin học bổng của Đại sứ quán Bỉ (Interview at the Embassy of Belgium)

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    Các anh chị cho em hỏi thế này ạ:
    Em đã nộp hồ sơ xin học bổng của Đại sứ quán Bỉ, em xin học Master, hôm trước họ có gọi điện hẹn em đi phỏng vấn, em lo quá, không biết họ sẽ phỏng vấn em những gì. Có anh chị nào ở diễn đàn đã đi học ở Bỉ theo diện học bổng của BTC thì giúp em với, họ sẽ hỏi những gì trong lúc phỏng vấn ạ?
    Em cảm ơn.
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    O, toi da tham du cai buoi phong van nay (sau do toi da khong chon hoc bong nay mac du duoc lua chon).
    Buoi phong van cung khong co gi dac biet lam. Ho gom hai (co the la ba) nguoi Viet va mot nguoi Bi. Nhung nguoi Viet tham gia la cac nhan vien cua chuong trinh BTC hoac cua dai su quan Bi. Chinh vi vay ho khong di sau vao chuyen mon nhu nhung gi toi cung da trai qua khi du phong van cua nhung cho khac (VEF chang han)
    Ho se hoi ban xung quanh ho so cua ban. Dieu quan trong theo toi la ho hoi xem tai sao neu ban hoc song cai khoa hoc do thi ban co the dong gop duoc nhieu cho su phat trien cua dat nuoc sau nay! Theo toi do la chu de chinh cua buoi phong van tu nhung gi ho phong van toi. Tu do ban se hieu la ho se hoi ban nhung gi de tra loi duoc cau hoi do tu nhung tai lieu ban da nop cho ho.
    Kinh nghiem cong tac va nhung dong gop cua ban tu sau khi tot nghiep DH cung rat quan trong. Ho se de cap den nhieu trong buoi phong van.
    Hoc bong BTC la hoc bong rat tot neu so sanh voi cac hoc bong khac. Ho co ca tien chi phi cho vo con cua ban (neu ban da lap gia dinh va co con). Ho cung rat tao dieu kien de ban dua gia dinh sang Bi (neu ban muon).
    Ve hoc tap thi cac truong DH cua Bi (mac du la nuoc nho) cung la cac truong tot va rat tot ca. Moi truong lamn viec chuyen nghiep va co hoi lam PhD (ke ca cac nuoc khac o chau Au hoac bac My) rat cao!
    Neu ban tra loi troi tray va ro rang duoc cau hoi tren thi chac chan ban se thanh cong.
    CHuc ban may man,
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    Lịch interview tại đại sứ quán Bỉ

    Indicative timeline for applications

    28 December 2009 Deadline for submission of applications
    18 – 23 January 2010 Shortlisted candidates are contacted for interviews

    25 January - 10 February 2010 Interviews (this might be slightly changed due to New Year’s Holiday)

    2nd week of March 2010 Inform result of applications and of interviews to all applicants (by the Belgian Embassy)

    August - September 2010 Award scholarships (by the Belgian Technical Cooperation)


    Selection procedure and process

    The Belgian Embassy will screen the application forms and draw up a shortlist of candidates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview either in Hanoi or in Ho Chi Minh city. Candidates must ensure that they are available for the interview during this period.

    Only the application files of the candidates who passed the interview will be sent to the Belgian universities for an assessment and issuing of admission letters. Scholarships will be awarded only when a letter of admission issued by the chosen university is available.

    Important Note:
    Besides the criteria to assess the applicants’ qualification and motivation, the Selection Committee will also take into consideration the geographical, sectoral and institutional balance before making a final decision on awarding the scholarships.

    For all questions related to the Belgian Bilateral Scholarship Programme, please contact the following persons at the Belgian Embassy in Hanoi:

    Mrs. Ngo Thu Huong
    Attaché-adjoint (Development Cooperation)
    In charge of the BBS Programme


    Mrs. Ho Phuong Loan
    Programme Assistant

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    BELGIAN BILATERAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions


    1. The Belgian Bilateral Scholarship (BBS) grants for how many months of study in Belgium?
    The BBS is granted for the full duration of one (01) academic year. If the training program lasts for more than one academic year, the scholarship will be extended provided that the scholar success in the first year.

    2. If I have applied for other scholarship program funded by the Government of Belgium, am I still eligible for the BBS?
    Yes, you can apply for any sholarship program funded by the Government of Belgium, such as the BBS, VLIR or CUD. However, if you are offered other scholarships, you should keep the Belgium Embassy and BTC well informed of your option.

    3. What does the BBS cover?
    The BBS provides the scholars:
    All tuition fees and other compulsory costs specified by a university for a training course;
    Insurance covering third-party liability, medical and repatriation costs;
    International air ticket from Vietnam to Belgium and back. In case of a 2 years Master program, a return ticket to Vietnam after the first academic year can be provided, depending on the scholars' academic performance. For PhDs, maximum 4 return tickets will be provided for 4 study periods in Belgium;
    Monthly living allowance for the months in Belgium of approximately 900 Euros/month;
    Fixed allowance for installation, traveling within Belgium, educational materials, participation in conference/seminars and the thesis/final report;
    Monthly support for the scholar's lawful spouse and children under 18 years old (up to a maximum amount of 224 euros/month);
    4. I already obtained BBS for a Master degree. Can I apply for a mixed PhD programme?
    Yes, but 2 years interval is required.

    5. If I already got a Master degree in Vietnam, can I still apply for the scholarship for another Master course in Belgium?

    6. Can I stay and work in Belgium after completing my study?
    No. The BBS are granted with the aim of contributing to the socio-economic development in Vietnam through supporting human resources development. BBS scholars are required to be back and use acquired knowledge for the benefit of the country of origin for at least 2 years after completion of the training course in Belgium.


    Information on the application procedures for the BBS progamme can be found on the website of the Belgium Embassy to Vietnam:
    1. Can I apply online?
    No. Application files must be submitted in hard copy by hand delivery or mail post to the Embassy of Belgium to Vietnam.

    2. I have to submit one original and four copies of the application file. Do I have to get the four copies certified by a notary office?
    No. Notary certification is required for documents attached to the original application file only.

    3. Is the application file still eligible without authorization letter of my employer?
    The authorization letter of the current employment is an integral part of the application form. Application file will be rejected if found missing any required documents/statement.

    4. Is it obliged to submit certificate of language proficiency and other certificate such as GMAT, GRE etc.? If yes, what is the requirement for eligible scores?
    Applicants must check with the university for entry requirements of selected training course. If no language certificate is required for the course, applicants must attach this information/confirmation of the university to his/her application file.

    5. Can I use a TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program) certificate instead of an official TOEFL?

    6. Do I have to legalize the copies of TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, DEALF, DELF certificates?
    A copy of the certificate will be accepted for the application file. However, applicants may be requested to present the original certificate for reference.

    7. If the certificates for foreign language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, DEALF, DELF etc.) are not valid anymore, are they still acceptable?
    Documents attached to the scholarship application file must be valid till the deadline of application.

    8. I have graduated from two universities. How should I fill in the application form?
    Applicants should state clearly their education background in the application form. For every mentioned study, applicants must provide diplomas/certificate and corresponding transcript of study result.

    9. I already worked before graduation, is this time considered as a part of my working experience?
    Working experience is considered as full-time work from the date of university graduation or official employment until your application.

    10. If I already got acceptance from a university in Belgium, how do I apply for the scholarship?
    The application procedure would not change. However, you should attach that letter of acceptance to your application file for reference.

    11. After submitting the application file for the BBS program, is it forbidden for applicants to contact the university?
    It's the applicant's own decision to contact the universities for information on the training course and/or academic admission. In case the applicant receive the university's feedback on his candidature for the selected course, he/she should forward that information to BTC for reference.


    1. I want to apply for the BBS for a Mixed PhD programme, which diploma and academic transcripts should I submit?
    In the application file for a Mixed PhD programme, you must include diploma/certificate and full academic transcripts of your Master and undergraduate study.

    2. Can I apply for the scholarship for a Mixed PhD program before the completion of my Master study?
    No. A copy of the Master Diploma and its full academic transcripts is compulsory for evaluation.

    3. If I have attained the confirmation letter from my promoter, is it still necessary to submit a certificate of language proficiency?
    Yes, if it is required by the university you are applying for.

    4. The diploma for my Mixed PhD is awarded by a Belgian university or Vietnamese university?
    The diploma will be awarded by a Belgian university and the thesis will be defended in Belgium as well.

    5. If I find the proportion of 16 months in Belgium and 32 months in Vietnam not suitable for my research, is it possible to extend/change the length of the study?
    The applicants and his/her promoters should discussed in very detailed the research plan before submitting research schedule. The length of 48 months and the nature of a Mixed PhD can not be changed. However, after the first academic year, the research schedule can be reconsidered and adjusted to suite the scholar needs.

    6. I do not have any contact channels with Belgian universities, how can I find a suitable Belgian promoter?
    Neither the Embassy of Belgium to Vietnam nor BTC can help applicants to contact potential promoters. The application should look for website of Belgian universities, academic institutions or other sources for suggestion.

    7. How should I plan my expenses for research activities?
    Under the BBS programme, a fixed budget of approximately 8,300 euros is reserved for mixed PhD scholar's research activities in Belgium and Vietnam for the overall duration of the PhD. The allocation of this budget must be mutually agreed amongst the scholar and the promoters and be divided between the two host institutions/ universities corresponding to the research needs of the scholar. Upon confirmation of the scholarship award, BTC will send scholars detailed guidance on the allocation of his PhD research fund.

    8. Will the BBS programme provide finance support if I am required to follow a preparatory course for the PhD?
    In case the university requires a PhD training or a preliminary test, the scholar will also receive a grant covering this period of time. Scholarship award to the PhD programme is conditional upon approval of the PhD board/supervisory committee and BTC on the scholar's success in this PhD training.


    For information on the selection process, please refer to the website of the Belgium Embassy to Vietnam at:
    1. Should I contact BTC or the Belgium Embassy for scholarship result?
    Applicants should refrain from seeking for information on the scholarship award. BTC will contact different scholars at different timing upon receiving feed back of universities on the scholar's candidature. Final result on BBS program will be announced by BTC and the Belgium Embassy by the end of September.

    BTC may request applicants to provide additional information as each university may apply a different admission procedure. This contact does not guarantee the scholarship award. Successful applicants after the interview round should keep checking their mailbox for prompt reaction.

    2. What should I do if I am contacted by the university?
    Please inform BTC immediately and forward the full message for reference. BTC will contact you and/or the university for verification and keep you informed of the necessary procedures. Contact address of BTC:
    Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
    F7, 14 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho
    Please also inform BTC if you decide to withdraw from the BBS program.

    3. When should I expect to be informed of the scholarship result?
    The timing is quite vary from one to the others but you can expect to get an email from BTC during July - September. An official letter informing the final result on your candidature will be sent to your address by mid October if you are not successful with the BBS.


    1. How can I get a visa to Belgium once awarded the scholarship ?
    Obtaining a visa to Belgium is the scholar's sole responsibility. Please contact directly the Visa Section of the Belgian Embassy in Hanoi or Belgian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City for regulations on visa to Belgium. Information for visa procedures can also be found on the Embassy website.

    Preparation of required documents for visa application is time costly and it is advisable that BBS candidates prepare well in advance so that he/she can depart to Belgium in very short notice.

    2. How can I find suitable accommodation in Belgium?
    BTC will help BBS scholars in arranging accommodation prior to his arrival in Belgium. This can be either permanent accommodation on the university campus/local resident or temporary measure before the scholar can find accommodation suitable to his/her needs.

    In anyway, the scholar will have to pay the rental from his monthly allowance. Scholars are advised to look for accommodation by himself but he/she must inform BTC of these arrangement prior to his arrival in Belgium.

    3. Who will take care of my scholarship?
    BTC is authorized to be in charge of the management of the scholars files, which includes welcome students and provide assistance for the whole duration of their academic training in Belgium.

    BTC Hanoi will contact BBS scholars for the terms and condition of the scholarship award and provide support for their departure to Belgium.

    4. Can I bring my family with me to Belgium?
    Yes. However, it's the scholars' whole responsibility to complete all necessary procedures for his/her family members' departure to Belgium.

    Belgian Technical Cooperation in Vietnam > Scholarships
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    Các bác ơi giúp em với

    Alo alo,

    Có bác nào đi học PhD theo chương trình BTC bên Bỉ không ạ?. nhờ bác giúp em chiaể kinh nghiệm phỏng vấn với. Chả là em vừa được thông báo chấp nhận hồ sơ chờ phỏng vấn mà không hiểu các bác Bỉ nhà ta sẽ hỏi về lĩnh vực gì là chủ yếu.

    Em nghe thiên hạ đồn là BTC dễ xin lắm, nhận hồ sơ là ok nhưng em vẫn muốn chắc ăn, hỏi kinh nghiệm các bác đi trước.

    Mong hồi âm các bác sớm, em phỏng vấn vào 5.3 tới này.

    Thanks các bác nhiều nhé

    gà con
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    anh chị cho em hỏi về criteria để xin học bổng ở đại sứ quán Bỉ ko ah ?

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