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    Ford Motor: 2010 Product Development, Summer Intern, Research & Advanced Engineering

    2010 Product Development, Summer Intern, Research & Advanced Engineering
    General Information2010 Product Development, Summer Intern, Research & Advanced EngineeringFord Company > Ford Function > Ford Component
    Ford Motor Company>Product Development>Product Development

    Job Details:
    At Ford Motor Company, we are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling high quality vehicles that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We believe our employees and the different perspectives that they bring to the business are the driving force behind our success. Come discover a company that is focused on the quality and safety of our vehicles, the environment, the community and the world in which we live.

    Global Product Development: Developing high quality products and high quality people.

    Product Development (PD) engineers are responsible for delivering exciting products that are world class in cost, quality, function and time to market. As ONE team, we are committed to delighting our customers and employees by executing consistently while using common global standards, methods and processes with rigor and discipline.

    Research Engineers provide the capability to propel Ford to world leadership in safe, environmentally responsible and affordable personal mobility through innovations in science and technology.

    Our P/T Research Engineers deliver outstanding Powertrain technology by proactively developing practical solutions to real problems that need innovative answers. SMT engineers develop and implement advanced hybrid propulsion systems for our vehicle program applications and conducts
    research on hybrid and fuel cell technologies to support future program needs. MVDS engineers develop and incorporate technically competitive and innovative solutions into our products, manufacturing and business processes including research and development leading to advanced active and passive safety technology.

    Our success story: To help reduce the environmental impact of driving, we're working on advancing the use and development of alternative fuel vehicles, including the development of fuel cell vehicles (FCV). Ford was one of the first automakers to launch a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in 2005, after unveiling a prototype in late 2003. Its Focus Fuel Cell fleet partners include a variety of government agencies in California, Florida, Michigan, Canada, Germany and Iceland, where cold climate testing is expected to result in significant performance improvements on the next generation.


    Our goal is to support you and your transition into the high performing, inclusive and engaged workforce needed to meet the product development needs of tomorrow. As part of the summer intern program you will be provided with hands-on experience that will develop you technically and professionally. Over the course of 12-weeks, the summer intern program also lets you build a network of friends and contacts, have fun, learn valuable skills and see what Ford Motor Company is all about!

    You can be a part of the team's future success. Research offers opportunities for growth and excellence through each of the following career: Manufacturing and Vehicle Design Systems (MVDS), Powertrain (PTRA) and Sustainable Mobility Technologies (SMT) / Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV).

    Requirements include, but are not limited to:
    ? Pursuing Bachelor/Masters of Science degree in Engineering-Aeronautical/Aero, Engineering-Automotive, Engineering-Electrical, Engineering-Mechanical, Engineering-Other, Science-Computer Science, Science-Mathematics, or Science-Mechanics
    ? 3.0 GPA or equivalent
    ? Ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment
    ? Ability to work within a diverse team
    ? Interest in the automotive industry and Research Engineering
    ? 0-3 years of automotive-related experience
    ? Professional Organization Involvement

    We have a commitment to our products and customers, but also know that our employees are the driving force behind our success. Find out what it is like to love your job. Come discover a Company that is focused on designing better cars, but also cares about you, your family and your community. By choice, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a culturally diverse workforce.

    Candidates for positions with Ford Motor Company must be legally authorized to work in the United States. Verification of employment eligibility will be required at the time of hire.
    Level(s) of Responsibility:
    InternshipHiring Location(s):
    Michigan, USA
    Employment Type:
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    ETS R&D Fellowship and Internship Programs

    ETS R&D Fellowship and Internship Programs

    Full announcements for each program, eligibility requirements, and
    application information will be available on November 1, 2009.

    The goal of the ETS R&D Fellowship and Internship programs is to provide opportunities for talented scholars and students from diverse backgrounds — especially traditionally underrepresented groups such as African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and American Indians — to carry out research under the mentorship of ETS senior research scientists and psychometricians. These programs encourage research in areas such as measurement theory, validity, natural language processing and computational linguistics, cognitive psychology, learning theory, linguistics, speech recognition and processing, teaching and classroom research, statistics, and international large scale assessments.

    Summer Internship Program in Research for Graduate Students
    Selected interns participate in research projects under the guidance of ETS mentors in Princeton, NJ. Graduate students who are currently enrolled in a full-time doctoral program in one of the areas listed above and who have completed a minimum of two years of coursework toward their PhD or EdD prior to the program start date are eligible to apply.

    Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellowship Program
    During the academic year selected fellows study at their universities and carry out research under the supervision of an academic mentor and in consultation with an ETS research scientist. During the summer, fellows are invited to participate in the Summer Internship Program for Graduate Students working under the guidance of an ETS researcher. The program is open to applicants who are enrolled in a doctoral program in psychometrics or statistics, have completed their course work toward the PhD, and are at the dissertation stage.

    Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
    Selected fellows conduct independent research under the mentorship of ETS senior researchers in Princeton, NJ. The program is open to early-career scholars who hold a PhD or an EdD in one of the areas listed above.

    Sylvia Taylor Johnson Minority Fellowship in Educational Measurement
    Selected fellows conduct independent research under the mentorship of ETS senior researchers in Princeton, NJ. The program is open to candidates who have received their PhD or EdD within the past ten years in one of the areas listed above and who are US citizens or permanent residents.

    To Apply:
    The application process for 2010 will open on November 1, 2009. No applications will be accepted prior to this date. Apply online at the ETS Fellowship and Internship Programs Website:
    The deadline for applying for the summer internship and postdoctoral fellowship programs is February 1, 2010. The deadlines for applying for the Harold Gulliksen program are December 1, 2009 for the preliminary nomination materials and February 1, 2010 for the final application materials.

    Phone: (609) 734-5543

    ETS R&D Fellowship and Internship Programs
    Rosedale Road MS 09-R
    Princeton, NJ 08541-0001
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    Intership ở LANL

    Tối qua tôi vừa nói chuyện với một bác PhD đang làm research scientist ở Los Alamos National Labs. Theo thông tin được biết thì mỗi năm Lab này có khoảng 700 positions dành cho postdoc PhDs và doc students. Rất nhiều sinh viên và PhDs quốc tế đang làm việc ở đây. Tình hình hiện nay là dân ta rất yếu, không hiểu vì lý do gì, trong việc gửi hồ sơ đến LANL. Năm ngoái chỉ có duy nhất một doc student là sinh viên du học đến LANL làm internship trong hè.

    Lương của LANL khá cao so với làm việc tại các trường, postdoc positions nhận khoảng 60K++/năm. LANL tuyển interns và PhDs theo nhiều chuyên ngành khác nhau. Hầu hết các vị trí đều không yêu cầu là công dân Mỹ. Những ai quan tâm xin thường xuyên vào link sau:

    - Postdoc positions: Jobs@LANL | Los Alamos National Laboratory

    - All positions: Jobs@LANL | Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Chúc thành công

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    LANL Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Program and Internship Program

    LANL Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Program and Internship Program

    The LANL Graduate Student Program consists of two sub-programs: Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Program and Internship Program.

    The Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Program is a year-round educational program that provides students with relevant research experience while they are pursuing a graduate degree. In some cases, students can arrange to conduct master's or doctoral thesis research at the Laboratory

    Internship program: Each year, LANL provides hundreds of summer internships for science or engineering graduate student.

    Advantage of those graduate programs: well paid compared with student stipend

    Website: Los Alamos Lab: Education: Undergraduate

    Bac nao muon more info thi co the lien he voi toi. Ngoai ra LANL cung thuong xuyen co hundreds of postdoc positions for angineering and scientific disciplines: Research in a Scientifically Rich R D Environment: Postdocs | Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Doan (

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    Internships at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), USA

    Internships at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), USA

    We invite highly qualified graduate, undergraduate, and MBA students to apply to our internship program. As one of the most prolific innovation centers in the world, PARC offers a truly exceptional experience. For more about PARC (including milestones, focus areas, and more), please visit PARC

    We value the fresh perspectives interns bring, so our interns are fully integrated into the daily activities of PARC's highly collaborative, multidisciplinary culture. Interns have the opportunity to work with leading researchers in the physical, computer, biological, and social sciences; engage in different stages of the research and business-development pipeline; present their ideas; and receive authorship on publications and/or patents.

    To apply to the program: Careers - PARC

    Link to a flyer you can post on campus job boards and other locations.
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    Microsoft Research Redmond - Summer Internships in Computer Vision

    The Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research,
    Redmond, has several openings for summer internships in
    computer vision -- please forward this email as appropriate.
    We are looking for experienced and highly motivated students
    in all areas of computer vision, including (but not limited
    to) the follow areas:

    ? recognition and matching (objects, locations, text, etc.)

    ? image enhancement and image processing

    ? computational photography and videography

    ? 3D reconstruction

    ? image-based rendering

    For more details on our research group and projects, please
    Summer Internships 2010 -- Interactive Visual Media, Microsoft Research

    Microsoft Research is dedicated to fundamental and applied
    research in computer science. We are located on Microsoft's
    campus in Redmond, near Seattle, Washington. We strive to make
    our internships fun (group activities, enjoy the beautiful
    pacific northwest!), productive (good research with
    CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, SIGGRAPH), and profitable (salary,
    subsidized housing and transportation, and free drinks!).

    If interested, please e-mail a cover letter to Neel Joshi
    <> <>
    containing your research interests. The subject of all
    messages concerning your application should be
    "Vision Intern: <firstname> <lastname>",
    e.g., "Vision Intern: Jimi Hendrix".
    In addition, please provide a CV along with two letters of
    recommendation to Microsoft's online internship application

    Internship Application - Microsoft Research
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    Summer Internships in autonomous Robotics (SIAR)

    Summer Internships in autonomous Robotics (SIAR)
    Developing autonomous capabilities in humanoid robots with application to robotic soccer.


    The goal of the Summer Internship in Autonomous Robotics (SIAR) programme is to engage students in research projects which focus on the technological issues surrounding humanoid robotic soccer. These include challenges in obtaining fast stable locomotion, real-time image processing, robust localization and effective team co-ordination. These problems span a range of computer science, electronic engineering and applied mathematics disciplines (artificial intelligence, control systems, signal processing, algorithm development, image processing etc.) and demand good programming and analytical skills. The programme is run by an inter-disciplinary team of researchers from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Computer Science and the Hamilton Institute at NUI Maynooth and is funded under Science Foundation of Ireland UREKA programme grant 09/UR/I1524.

    The programme is coordinated by Dr. Sean McLoone (Electronic Engineering), Dr. Adam Winstanley (Computer Science) and Prof. Rick Middleton (The Hamilton Institute).

    A poster advertising the 2010 SIAR internships can be downloaded here.

    What is involved in SIAR?
    Successful applicants will spend 10 weeks commencing on Monday 7th June 2010 at NUI Maynooth. They will receive a scholarship of 300 Eu per week for the 10 week period and international recipients will be able to reclaim (within limits) travel expenses. They will conduct research projects in conjunction with leading researchers from NUI Maynooth on various aspects of robotics relating to humanoid robotic soccer. There will be a program of organised social, cultural and sporting activities for the interns as well as training in the various aspects of research. Project areas and indicative projects are available here.

    Who can apply for an Internship?
    Students who are about to complete their penultimate year of a bachelors degree in Computing, Electronic Engineering, Applied Mathematics or closely related disciplines are invited to apply. SIAR will be considering applications from Ireland, Europe and other international location

    How do I apply for an Internship?
    Application material should be sent electronically to and should consist of:

    A completed Cover Sheet (available to download here)
    A two page curriculum vitae of the applicant, including academic results achieved to-date, and experience relevant to the internship.
    Your University exam transcripts to-date.
    A letter of recommendation from a full time lecturer or professor at your University who is familiar with your academic work.
    A personal statement (maximum of two A4 pages) to include:
    an explanation of why you are interested in this undergraduate research internship
    a description of your programming experience (languages and level, e.g. projects undertaken in Java, C++, Matlab, etc)
    details of other relevant skills (image processing , system dynamics, control, ..)
    The closing date for receipt of applications is the 6th February 2010 (deadline extended from 30th January 2010) .

    ************************************************** *

    Summer Internships in autonomous Robotics (SIAR)
    Developing autonomous capabilities in humanoid robots with application to robotic soccer.
    This page provides an overview of the types of project available under the SIAR programme. For an introduction to SIAR and details of the application process please go here.

    Indicative projects
    Projects will be divided into 3 broad areas. Within each area, an indication of possible projects (to be finalised) is given below. Applicants should rank their preferences in terms of project areas.

    Project area: Sensor processing and inference (SPI)
    A critical part of all robotics applications is the ability to process sensor data and infer important information about the environment from the data. In the RoboCup Soccer, Standard Platform League application, the primary sensor available is the robot's camera (single colour camera with resolution up to 640x480). In addition, the robot includes inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes) and foot pressure sensors. This application motivates a number of projects in semsor processing and inference. Indicative projects (to be finalised) include:

    Implementation of Automatic Robot Location Algorithms
    Real-Time Stereo Vision Based Localisation and Object Recognition
    Obstacle detection using the GOLD paradigm
    Fast accurate robust ball tracker
    Single Camera Object Detection & Tracking for Robot Soccer
    Line feature detection algorithm development from webcam images

    Project Area: Balance Control and Action (BCA)
    Another core autonomous robotics skill involves actuation. In the case of wheeled robots, this is relatively straightforward where geared motors may be controlled to give desired motions. In the case of legged robots, particularly humanoid types, there is much work required to plan the correct sequence of joint movements to create a 'good' walk, to be able to kick the ball, and to be able to balance when disturbed (for example by accidental collisions with other objects). Example projects in this area include:

    Balancing a planar robot using arm motion.
    Robot tilt stabilization based on foot pressure feedback
    Robot kick design
    Goal keeper saves

    Project Area: Learning, Planning and Co-ordination (LPC)
    To make the best use of the sensor information and the available actuators, intelligent, strategic decision making is required. This allows the robots to cooperate as a team, to make best advantage of their possible actions, to give the team the best chance of both avoiding opponent goals, and scoring their own goals. Possible projects in this area include:

    Capture & Analysis of Opposition Data to Improve Game Performance
    Irregular Cellular Automata for Robot Motion Planning
    Multi-criteria path planning & decision-making for co-operating robots
    Specification and Simulation of Soccer Tactics.

    website: SIAR
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    Credit to thtnice of Box Duhoc/ttvnol:

    The Networking team of the CNRS LaBRI laboratory located inside the University of Bordeaux, France, ( is opening a position for an internship to be followed by a PhD program to work on a language approach for dynamic adaptation of multimedia streams in the context of networked Media for Future Internet. The work will be part of a large European R&D project (FP7 ICT program).
    Nowadays, various electronic devices (telephone, pda, PC, settop-box, …) provide audio and video rendering capabilities and wired and/or wireless connectivity. However, accessing multimedia content from these terminals requires to adapt the characteristics of audio and video streaming broadcast so that they are 1) compatible and 2) optimized for the terminal and its environment (such as available bandwith). Moreover, since these constraints may vary dynamically depending of the user mobility and terminal usage (i.e., power consumption), it is necessary to dynamically adapt these stream according to the context of the user.
    Because the adaptation of multimedia streams at the sender is not realistic in many cases (e.g. broadcast), given the heterogeneity of existing devices and usage conditions, a promising approach is to interpose at the right place between the transmitter and receiver a device capable of dynamic adaptation. However, the development of such a gateway is tedious and error prone, which must be repeated whenever a new device appears or a new format arrives.
    The aim of the proposed program is to define an innovative approach, based on domain-specific languages, to specify the main features of different formats (source and recipient) and automatically generate a robust and efficient implementation. Specifically, the proposed approach aims to design and develop a domain-specific middleware to support the adaptation of media streams, a language for describing the adaptation policies and a toolchain to generate the implementation of these policies based on primitives offered by the middleware.
    The various steps of the work to perform are as follow:

    • Definition of adaptation methods for media stream;
    • Development of adaptation primitives based on related work;
    • Design of the language for describing adaptation policies;
    • Definition of the compilation and processing toolchain;
    • Implementation and optimization of the domain-specific middleware;
    • Development of a prototype to assess the approach;
    • Test and validation into a large-scale demonstrator.
    Location: CNRS LaBRI laboratory, LSR research group, University of Bordeaux, France
    Starting date: February-March 2010
    Duration: internship: 6months, PhD: 3 years
    Diplomas: MSc in software engineering, networking, or distributed systems
    Salary: internship: ~800€/month net, PhD program: ~1600€/month net
    Contact person: Applicants should send full resume (CV) + motivation letter by email to
    Daniel Négru, Email:, Tél : +33 (0) ou +33 (0)
    Laurent Réveillère, Email:, Tél : +33 (0)
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    Internship for BSc, MSc in EPFL

    Summer Internships for BSc and MSc Students

    The School of Computer and Communication Sciences provides internship opportunities in the Summer period for students enrolled in BSc, MSc, or equivalent programmes in Computer Science or Engineering, Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering. Internships are assigned competitively to students with excellent academic results.
    During a period of at least two months and including the whole month of August, internship students get the chance to learn new skills and to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field while working personally with leading senior scientists. Participating students will work in a research unit, typically to solve problems which are usually part of major research efforts. Often, this will lead to performing challenging programming or design tasks to prove new concepts. Being an intern at EPFL is a highly motivating learning and working experience in a competitive research environment, but it is also a great way to get familiar with another culture, to start building a network of connections in Switzerland, and to get prepared for a global career! And, last but not least, it is a chance to spend some months in a region rich of natural attractions and offering a multitude of leisure opportunities.

    PRACTICAL STEPS DATES (every calendar year)

    • Application by the student Before 15th FEBRUARY
    • IC decision on acceptance Before 15th MARCH (communicated by e-mail)
    • Beginning of internship Usually after 1st MAY
    • End of internship Usually before 1st SEPTEMBER
    The minimum duration of an internship is two months but longer stays are strongly encouraged. The exact duration depends on the availability of participating students and on the agreement of the hosting laboratories. It is strongly recommended that the internship period includes the whole month of August to enable participation in some programme-wide activities.
    Internships require full-time commitment (~40 hours/week). Therefore, participating students cannot attend another summer school or commit to other activities that could interfere with their work schedule.

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    Internship 2010 - HP Labs, Palo Alto, California

    In HP Labs at Palo Alto (HP Labs - Advanced Research at HP), we are currently
    seeking qualified self-motivated MS and PhD students for the following
    intern position in software and systems research.

    This position is in the area of large-scale data management, with the
    focus of developing a scalable platform as a cloud service to store
    and manage data and enforce data management policies. This cloud
    service aims to help service providers protect outsourced customer
    data and meet compliance requirements. The involved data policies
    include data retention, data availability, data integrity, data
    migration, and data access control, among others.

    This position requires deep knowledge and hands-on experience with
    distributed systems and service-oriented computing, which include
    database, transactional and parallel processing, high availability and
    fault tolerance, and other related disciplines. This position also
    requires strong object-oriented programming and web development skills
    (Java related platforms preferred). Experience with Hadoop and
    Map/Reduce and knowledge of secure computing (e.g., identity
    management, access control) are desired but not required. Qualified
    candidates must have excellent communication skills and the ability to
    work independently and in a team. Please contact:,
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    We are now accepting applications for the 2010 Summer Internship Program. The Internship Program is open to students who are nationals of the Bank's member countries and attracts a large number of highly qualified candidates. The goal of this Internship Program is to offer successful candidates an opportunity to improve their skills as well as the experience of working in an international environment. Interns generally find the experience to be rewarding and interesting.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for the Internship Program, candidates must possess an undergraduate degree and already be enrolled in a full-time graduate study program (pursuing a Master's degree or PhD with plans to return to school in a full-time capacity. Generally, successful candidates have completed their first year of graduate studies or are already into their PhD programs.

    This Program typically seeks candidates in the following fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social science (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, private sector development, as well as other related fields. Fluency in English is required. Prior relevant work experience, computing skills, as well as knowledge of languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese are advantageous.

    The Bank pays an hourly salary to all Interns and, where applicable, provides an allowance towards travel expenses. Interns are responsible for their own living accommodations. Most positions are located in Washington, DC (some positions are offered in country offices) and are a minimum of four weeks in duration.

    The World Bank Group Internship Program is offered during two seasons:

    Summer (June-September) The application period for the Summer Program is December 1 - January 31 each year.
    Winter (December-March)The application period for the Winter Program is September 1 - October 31 each year.

    All applications MUST be submitted on-line (using the "Apply Now" button on the top of this page - available during the application period only).

    Applications submitted after the deadline are not considered.

    Apply now The World Bank

    Learn More about the Bank Internship Program:

    Links to Region-Specific Internships

    Bank Internship FAQs

    c/o World Bank Headquarters
    1818 H Street, NW
    Washington DC
    Washington, DC 20433 USA
    phone: (202) 473-1000
    fax: (202) 477-6391
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    Who can apply?Administrative traineeship
    • you must have completed the first cycle of university studies and hold the corresponding degree as detailed in point 2.2.1 of the Rules governing the official traineeships scheme of the European Commission.
    • you must not have already benefited from previous in-service training or employment (paid or unpaid) with any of the European institutions or bodies for more than six weeks.
    • you must have a very good knowledge of English or French or German.
    • if you are a National of an EU Member State, you must have a very good knowledge of a second EU official language.
    Translation traineeship with the Directorate General for Translation (DGT)
    • you must have completed the first cycle of university studies and hold the corresponding degree as detailed in point 2.2.1 of the Rules governing the official traineeships scheme of the European Commission.
    • you must not have already benefited from previous in-service training or employment (paid or unpaid) with any of the European institutions or bodies for more than six weeks.

      All candidates must be able to translate into their main language (target language) from two other EU official languages (source languages).
    • your target language must be one of the EU official languages, Icelandic or Croatian.
    • your first source language must be either English, French or German.
    • your second source language, different from the first one, must be one of the EU official languages.
    Qualifications requiredCurrently, the majority of applications come from candidates with qualifications in law, political science, international relations and economics. However, the Commission is also looking for trainees with qualifications in other fields, such as: computer sciences, agricultural technology, education studies, bio-chemical engineering, health and food safety, energy management, auditing, aerospace engineering, psychology, financial management, evaluation and strategic analysis (notably systems dynamics), design, multimedia, sports management, and so on.
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    Summer 2010 MBA Administrative Internship, Brentwood, TN

    Summer 2010 MBA Administrative Internship, Brentwood, TN(Job Number: 10201-2458)


    Summer Administrative Intern Responsibilities - qualified candidates will demonstrate and be prepared to assume the following responsibilities
    Under the supervision of the senior management team at your respective hospital, or at the multi-facility office, interns will conduct directed and independent research and projects. Research and projects will center on, but not be limited to, the availability and the potential need for health services in a given market, the feasibility of adding or expanding services provided by the HCA provider, or providers, in the market or other projects or studies as recommended by the senior management supervisor. Additionally, the intern will become familiar with the internal operations of the hospital, or multi-facility operation, through attending management level meetings and working with selected hospital and/or multi-facility department directors. Interns will also become familiar with the assistance provided to facilities through the corporate office of HCA.


    Qualified Candidates
    -Completion of the first year of an accredited Master's Program in business or a health related field
    -May require occasional travel
    -May require long work hours and weekends
    -Geographic flexibility regarding placement locations
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    2010 Internship Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research

    2010 Internship Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research (GHEOR)-1000036

    Takeda's internship program blends real-world experience with an extensive overview of the pharmaceutical industry. Knowledgeable mentors will provide guidance as you gain professional hands-on experience and learn how to apply your skills to a future career at Takeda. The summer internship program is 12 weeks in length and offers a unique perspective into a world class Pharmaceutical company. Compensation is competitive, and financed temporary housing may be available.


    Actively participate in and contribute to GHEOR projects and initiatives as follows:
    Facilitate the collection, assessment, and communication of HEOR data gathered from scientific exchanges with thought leaders.
    Help prepare for internal GHEOR meetings (including product strategy meetings, research review meetings, and GHEOR reporting meetings) by developing scientific documents and materials.
    Assist in the development of GHEOR training materials to be used by the GHEOR and CSO groups, and other Takeda personnel.
    Provide scientific assessments of GHEOR topics related to Takeda's marketed and pipeline medicines.
    Examine components of research literature, including study design, methodology, results, conclusions, and clinical significance, for appropriateness, accuracy, and completeness.
    Understand the various roles, processes and industry standards involved in providing GHEOR information in the pharmaceutical industry setting.
    Develop knowledge of other roles and functions within GHEOR and other departments within TPI.
    In addition, the intern, in consultation with the internship supervisor, will develop and present one oral presentation, conduct one structured journal club, and complete a specific project relevant to GHEOR.

    The qualified candidate will be engaged in a doctoral degree program in a health sciences related field such as a PharmD, MD or Ph.D., with a working understanding of the healthcare or related industry (pharmaceutical, managed markets, clinical practice, research or academic).
    Possesses good communication skills, both oral and written
    Well-versed in technical and scientific languages in order to communicate with GHEOR, Medical Affairs, Research and Development, as well as other key internal and external stakeholders.
    Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
    Submit your resume and start a quality career with Takeda!

    We are an equal opportunity employer.
    Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.
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    tìm người VN trong Los Alamos National Labs

    Năm nay em apply fail hết, nên đang tìm internship để năm sau apply tiếp. Em đang định xin vào LANL. Web của LANL nói rằng rất nhiều applicants xin vào LANL thông qua sự quen biết với người đang làm trong LANL.

    Anh ĐCB có biết email/phone liên lạc của anh em VN nào trong LANL không? Nếu biết thì post hoặc send cho em với nhé. Email của em là tdinhtoan AT gmail DOT com.

    Cám ơn anh.

    added later: scroll xuống dưới thì thấy có Doan ( Không sure là có contact được không. Anyway, nếu có ai khác thì cho em biết với.

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    Credit to justme:


    We are looking for top students who have, or will soon have, a degree in computer science or strongly related areas. These students should be interested in pursuing their career by doing a PhD within a leading, internationally recognized, group. The candidates will be required to start with an internship period of 6-8 months during which they will have to complete the first assignment. Successful candidates will be invited to apply for the PhD program in Information and Telecommunication Technology at the University of Trento and work on a leading edge research topic.

    The first assignment and the PhD topic will be both within the scope of the KnowDive project. The project aims at creating new technologies and tools for managing (personal) knowledge and for its seamless integration into the global infrastructure of the emerging Web 2.0. Some key phrases which characterize the project are: (Semantic) Web, faceted metadata search and navigation, semantic matching, classifications and thesauri, lightweight ontologies, peer-to-peer systems, social networks.

    Candidates should have profound Java programming experience, good knowledge of database technology, web technologies and languages (e.g., HTTP, (D)HTML, javascript, AJAX, XUL). Knowledge in one (or several) of the following areas is a plus:

    * OWL, RDF, XML, SKOS;
    * Faceted metadata search and navigation;
    * Document indexing and keywords-based search technology (e.g., Lucene);
    * Web browser development (Firefox development is a plus);
    * Peer-to-peer technology (e.g., JXTA);
    * Content management systems;
    * Wordnet;
    * Usability studies and practical experience with solving usability-related problems;
    * Natural language processing techniques;
    * Named entity recognition techniques;
    * Text mining techniques;
    * Security in distributed content management systems.

    Salaries are competitive.

    Interested students can send their CV and statement of interest to: Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia
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    Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry


    Practical training placements for students of the above mentioned subjects are arranged by the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). Placements are, however, only available to countries with a National IAESTE Committee. Within the DAAD, unit 225 is the German National IAESTE Committee.

    Usually, traineeships are two to three months in duration with various firms, institutions of higher education and research institutes. In individual cases, traineeships of extended duration can be arranged.

    Trainees are usually paid 650,-- euros per month; the DAAD, however, is not able to grant additional funds to cover travel costs.


    Specific information on conditions of eligibility is available from the National IAESTE Committee of the member country concerned.
    Language Proficiency: Requirements regarding language proficiency of German differ greatly. Some companies require that international interns or trainees have good German language skills, while others only require a basic knowledge of German, as long as the intern or trainee also has good English language skills. In many cases a good knowledge of English is sufficient.
    Training placements recruited in Germany are offered exclusively by the responsible National IAESTE Committee abroad, which in turn arranges placements for German university students. Apart from those offered via this route, the IAESTE programme has no other internship places available for individual applicants.

    Country-specific information, dates and deadlines, application address and advice

    Precise information on when to submit applications is available from the National IAESTE Committee of the applicant''s home country.
    Students of the stated subjects interested in a training placement in Germany should address the National IAESTE Committee in their home country. Addresses of the National IAESTE Committees and further information are available via Internet

    Please note for all scholarship programmes: Scholarship announcements contain general information on the programme in question. Application conditions specifically for candidates from your country (Viet Nam) as well as information on the application process can be found, where applicable, at "Country Specific Information".
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  19. salomon

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    Nhiều người kô biết German. Kô biết nonsense có thể dịch sơ qua đồng thời cách thức apply kô ạ? :dx:
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    Tớ cũng không biết German bạn à. Mình có thể dùng google translate để xem họ làm gì. Theo tớ bạn cứ email cho contact persons giới thiệu về bản thân rồi sau đó chờ phản hồi và gửi applications. Tớ cũng đã làm thế :-$

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