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    Mục này giới thiệu các vị trí internship cho sinh viên master và doc students. VietPhD.
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    Intern at Bosch Research (C programming/database), Palo Alto, CA

    email to

    Robert Bosch LLC
    Research and Technology Center-North America
    4009 Miranda Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA

    Internship in C programming & database development (Full-time/part-time, available now)

    At Bosch, we have developed models that can be used to predict the performance and life of Li-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. However, these models are currently written in Fortran 77. We are looking for an intern to port this code into C. The code needs to be written in a modular fashion to enable easier modification and to enable better tracking of changes.
    As part of the same project, Bosch is performing Li-ion battery experiments which produce large amounts of numerical data. The intern will need to develop a database to classify this data. The database needs to be able to communicate with the above developed C code, Excel, and Matlab.

    Job responsibilities: Conversion of Fortran 77 code to C. C code needs to be modular. Database development and communication to C code, Excel, and Matlab.
    Qualifications: A Bachelors or Master level student with extensive experience in C programming and database development (e.g., SQL). Some knowledge of Excel and Matlab is preferred but not required. Experience with Fortran 77 is not required, but basic knowledge should be acquired rapidly.
    Duration & start date: 3-6 months (full-time/part-time). We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

    About Bosch
    Bosch is a leading global manufacturer of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology with total revenues exceeding $60 billion. Bosch currently has a joint venture with Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. to develop, manufacture, and sell Li-ion batteries for automotive applications. For more information, visit
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    Hardware Engineering Intern, Qualcomm, Spring & Summer 2009

    Requisition #


    Job Title

    Intern - Hardware Engineering - Spring & Summer 2009

    Post Date




    Job Area

    Engineering - Hardware


    California - San Diego

    Job Description

    Ranked #8 by Fortune Magazine's annual '100 Best Companies to Work For' and headquartered in San Diego, QUALCOMM develops, manufactures, markets, licenses, and operates advanced 3G communications systems and products based on its proprietary digital wireless technologies. To ensure that the entire wireless industry is inspired and continues to evolve, innovate and experience success, QUALCOMM develops its technologies and solutions for the purpose of enabling key participants in the wireless value chain.

    As a hardware intern at QUALCOMM, you will work with programmable logic, digital signal processors, microprocessors, and ASICs on high-density circuit cards and gain hands-on knowledge during design validation and system integration. We are also looking for exceptional hardware designers who will design and develop full custom and semi-custom complex digital and analog ICs for wireless network and communication systems.

    Positions Include:
    -RF/Analog/Mixed Signal Design
    -Board and FPGA Design
    -ASIC Digital Design
    -Design Verification


    Relevant skills include experience with verifying SoC with embedded RISC/DSP processors, communications/ networking ASICs. Verilog or VHDL, C/C++, Tcl/Perl/shell-scripting. RTL design experience and/or strong OO programming experience is also a plus. Knowledge of wireless/wired communications and protocols or graphics/video multi-media is a plus.

    Additional Skills

    Education Requirements

    In study towards Bachelors, Master's or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. Must be available for at least 3 months in the fall, spring or summer.
    Coursework in the following areas: Circuits and Electronics, Signals and systems, Microelectronic Devices and Circuits, Semiconductor Devices, Feedback systems, Analog Integrated circuits, Digital Integrated Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Low power analog VLSI

    Apply at<> or email Erik Miller at

    Erik Miller
    Campus Recruiting
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    [UK] Summer Internship at Cranfield University

    Summern Internships 2009
    The Engineering Systems Department of Cranfield University within the Defence College of Management and Technology is offering several research internships.

    Student internships are normally for a duration of three/four months and do not lead to a formal academic award. It is expected that the internships start normally in May or a mutually convenient time. Students are expected to produce a final report based on the work carried out during their internship. There is no tuition fee attached to the internship and a stipend of £240 pounds per week is paid towards the cost of living for the duration of the internship.
    How to apply
    For initial inquiries, please send your curriculum vitae, transcripts of your marks together with names of two referees. Please include a short description of your reasons why you are most suited to the chosen topic. Please do not exceed 200 words. Please note that the overseas students require a valid student visa and an IELTS of at least 6.5. Selection of candidates depends on your performance on some interview questions sent to you by email. It is anticipated that that the selection of candidates will be announced during the second week of February 2009.


    Không thấy nhắc đến tiền đi lại.
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    Power harvesting intern / Bosch Research Palo Alto

    Power Harvesting Internship at Bosch Research and Technology Center

    The Bosch Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive and
    industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology. As
    sensors and other electronic gadgets become ubiquitous in our lives, a
    need for low-cost low-maintenance energy supply is becoming more
    pronounced. Power harvesting devices, which convert otherwise wasted
    mechanical energy to electrical power, promise to extend the battery
    lifetime of small electronic devices.

    We are looking for an intern to be involved in designing a device for
    specific applications and to work on modeling and optimization of the
    design. The internship offers an opportunity to work with Bosch
    engineers across several engineering disciplines, such as MEMS,
    circuit design, and wireless systems as well as considerable room for
    creative input and initiative.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    * Develop a Simulink model for a mechanical-to-electrical
    conversion device
    * Design and optimize a power harvesting device to application
    * A longer internship will involve prototype construction and

    Required education and skills
    * BS or MS in physics, EE, mechanical engineering, control and
    dynamical systems, microsystems, or related fields
    * Strong background in electromagnetism, signal and dynamical
    systems analysis skills, basic electrical characterization skills,
    electrical or mechanical laboratory and/or project experience are
    * Knowledge of Simulink, Matlab, ANSYS or COMSOL simulation
    software is highly desired
    * Excellent communication and teamwork skills
    * Ability to approach problems creatively

    Location: Palo Alto, CA
    Duration: 3-12 months; a diploma or Master's thesis on this topic is
    Work Authorization: Support for international students (F-1, J-1 OK)

    Contact Information:
    Susan Luschas
    Robert Bosch LLC, Research and Technology Center
    4009 Miranda Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303

    To find out more about Bosch Research, visit our website at:
    Bosch Research and Technology Center
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    Software Engineering Intern - Silicon Valley

    Software Engineering Intern

    Position Description

    Full-time summer internship at a venture funded startup, building an
    exciting solution in the consumer Internet space. Part of a fast
    moving team building and deploying high traffic web 2.0 services. A
    great opportunity for CS/EESC Masters students and undergraduate
    students in their Senior year, who enjoys finding ways to solve
    problems and is a prolific coder, to get a taste of the Silicon Valley
    startup culture.

    - Solid scripting skills using Perl, Python, or shell-scripts
    - Experience in Java, Javascript, DHTML, and CSS and understanding of
    - latest web technology a strong plus

    Interested applicants please forward resume to
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    Honda Research Institute : Summer internship 2009

    Dear Professor:

    The computer science research section of Honda Research Institute USA,
    located in Mountain View, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts,
    has several openings for internships this summer. For details, please
    go to:

    The application deadline is March 31, 2009.
    Please circulate this information among your students.
    We appreciate your help.

    Kikuo Fujimura
    Honda Research Institute (HRI)
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    Microsoft Research 2009 Summer Internship Program

    We are pleased to announce our Internship program in Microsoft Research
    again this year. Our past interns have greatly impacted research in key
    technical areas, published papers based on their summer work at MSR,
    established strong ties with our research staff as well as other interns,
    been challenged to look at super tough problems in new ways, contributed to Microsoft products, and all the while, having fun doing it.

    If you or a colleague of yours has a student in speech recognition or a
    closely related area, please encourage them to apply following the
    directions available at
    Internship Opportunities - Microsoft Research

    and add my name, Alex Acero, as MSR contact in the application and specify the speech technology group in Redmond as preferred. In addition, please ask them to email me directly.

    With my best regards,

    Alex Acero
    Research Area Manager
    Microsoft Research
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    Cho em hỏi 1 tí, hình nhu cái mail này là privately sent cho anh allthingsgoofy thì phải. Vì trong đó có nói là "add my name, Alex Acero, as MSR contact", ví dụ như em muốn apply, em fill tên bác này vào đấy, nhưng thật chất bác này có biết em là ai đâu.

    Anh allthingsgoofy có thể giải thích rõ thêm 1 tí giúp em không ạ.

    Cám ơn anh và chúc anh nghiên cứu tốt.
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    These are directed to a mailing list that I subscribed to, so you can just state that it's been forwarded to you from a colleague. There is really no harm in trying to direct your CV to the right person, and if they like your background then you take it from there...
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    Medical image/signal processing summer intern (MRI)

    We are looking for a PhD summer intern to work on algorithm development for
    MRI and/or MRS signal/image analysis and pattern recognition
    (classification) to help drug development in a large pharmaceutical company.

    Qualifications include a strong background and interest in the above fields
    and proficient in Matlab or equivalent.

    Please send your resume as soon as possible if interested. Thanks.
    Contact email:
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    Internship in USAID

    Scope of Work
    Data management and Administrative/Accounting Intern

    Abt Associates is a research and consulting firm which applies scientific research and technical assistance expertise to a wide range of social, economic, and technological policy issues; international development; clinical trials and registries; and complex business problems. Founded in 1965, Abt Associates provides services to U.S. federal, state, and local governments; foreign governments; international organizations; foundations; and business and industry.
    Abt Associates is looking for a Vietnamese national to work as Data management and Administrative/Accounting intern for Health Policy Initiative (HPI) Vietnam. The successful candidate will assist and report to the Operations Director.

    Job descriptions:
    • Support the SI coordinator in collecting, screening, documenting and analyzing data for Analysis and Advocacy (A2) project and resource need estimation for HIV/AIDS programs in Vietnam. Data include but are not limited to population, demographic, behavior and other HIV/AIDS data.
    • Working with Abt Associates consultants and provincial AIDS Centres and other partners in analyzing and validating data and in modeling.
    • Support SI coordinator in other resource need assessment, HIV/AIDS impact assessment and other research.
    • Assist to the Operations Director in reviewing vendor invoices for accuracy and completeness; monitoring partner’s financial performance; maintaining office administrative systems; keeping track of office supply and stationary inventory; managing domestic travel arrangements for project staff.
    • Be responsible for general filing for the office, Library and Archive management
    • Other duties at the request of project and financial staff.
    About 50% of time is for Data management work and 50% for Administrative/Accounting work.

    Skills/Knowledge Required:
    • Bachelors Degree, preferable in Public Health or Accounting, administration or other relevant field.
    • Interested in public health, especially HIV/AIDS, social and development work.
    • Experience on other international development projects, especially USAID-funded projects, is highly desirable.
    • Fluency in both written and spoken English required.
    • A good command of financial and other computer applications such as MS Word, Excel, Quicken, and Access, as well as a working knowledge of the internet and email.
    Written application in English together with full curriculum vitae, and copies of available degrees should sent to: Ms. Le Kim Khanh, 72 Xuan Dieu, Hanoi at before 17:00 PM, 25th February, 2009.
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    I'm so late. It seems that I miss the deadline :((
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    Bayer HealthCare Summer Internships - 20+ openings

    Employer: Bayer HealthCare
    Title: Bayer HealthCare Summer Internships - we have 20+ openings!
    Description: The Bayer HealthCare College Intern program is a professional
    development program designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with career-related and real world work experiences. Interns are recruited and selected based on their career focus, educational standing, academic curriculum, and leadership potential.

    Benefits to the Intern
    *Challenging and stimulating projects in leading technology operations
    *Application of school learning and knowledge to live work situations
    *Ability to explore the business and culture of a leading, international
    bio-tech company
    *Building of network and contacts for career mentorship and guidance
    *Development of future employment opportunities with Bayer HealthCare

    We are accepting online applications for Summer 2009. Resumes submitted by March 15, 2009, will receive priority consideration.

    For more information, visit Bayer College Intern Program.

    Position Type: Internship - Paid (includes summer)
    Desired Major(s): All Majors
    Work Authorization: US Citizen, Permanent Resident
    Salary Level: Competitive
    Job Function: Engineering, Healthcare, Production/Product Management
    Duration: 10-12 weeks
    Approximate Hours Per Week: 40 hours/week
    Travel Percentage: No Travel
    Qualifications: Please see individual postings at
    Bayer College Intern Program.


    Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
    800 Dwight Way
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Phone: +1 510-705-4010
    Fax: +1 510-705-4709
    Web: Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals - index
    Career opportunities: Bayer AG - - Jobs & Career
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    Hic hic, mấy cái intern sao cái nào cũng US citizen hoặc Permanent Residence là sao bác. Chả kiếm đc nào relevant cả. Hehe
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    Summer Internship at Intel Vietnam

    STHence vừa nhận được email từ công ty Intel về chuyện thực tập:
    Intel Vietnam Summer Internship

    Job description:
    Intel internships give you an opportunity to put your education to work. You will get hands-on experience while you complete your degree and real-life exposure to the challenging and rewarding work at Intel.
    Intel Vietnam is looking for students for following summer internship positions: Staffing, HR services, Employee Communication, Training and Development, Accounting, Finance Analyst, Materials, Industrial Engineering, IT, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Services.
    Please visit for more details and job description of each position.
    Job Requirement
    - You should currently be at least 3rd year student (expected to graduate in 2010) of an existing university in Ho Chi Minh City and preferably majoring in related field.

    - You are expected to start 4-month internship at the end of June or early July 2009.

    * Additional qualifications include:

    - Have a passion to pursue career in your applying position
    - Excellent communication skills (oral and written) in English and Vietnamese
    - Disciplined working attitude, strong interpersonal skills, and a team player
    - Good analytical skills and/or problem solving
    - Quick leaner of technical knowledge and processes
    - Familiar with Windows and basic Office Programs and proficient in AutoCAD is required for Corporate Services position.

    * Please send your resume to to apply.

    * Note: we do not receive hard copies of documents."
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    Summer 2010 Internships at Microsoft in collaborative information research


    I'm a researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group at Microsoft Research. I'm also an affiliate faculty member in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, where I participate in the DUB research consortium. My research interests include human-computer interaction and computer-supported cooperative work; in particular, collaborative search and surface computing.

    Summer 2010 Internships: I am looking for interns for Summer 2010. If you are a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, HCI, or a related field, please send me your CV and a brief statement describing your research interests by November 15th, 2009. I'm particularly looking for interns interested in topics such as: social or collaborative search, novel Web search UIs, educational technologies, or assistive technologies.


    Meredith Ringel Morris's Home Page
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    DAAD Law Summer School Internships 2010/11-University of Freiburg-Germany

    DAAD Law Summer School Internships 2010/11-University of Freiburg-Germany

    DAAD Law Summer School offers Internships for Law Students enrolled at a University in the US or Canada for the 2010/11 session at University of Freiburg, Germany

    The new DAAD Summer Law School offers the unique opportunity to receive intensive legal training at the University of Freiburg, which hosts one of the most prestigious law faculties in Germany. After the one-week seminar, you will spend about three weeks as an intern at a German law firm, court or other legal institution.

    The Law Summer School placements provide students with the opportunity to work in an international firm or organization, to learn about the daily life of a lawyer, consultant or judge, and to gain confidence in an international environment. Last but not least, the internships are a source of mutual cultural and professional enrichment for both the interns and their hosts.

    In 2010: On June 14, 2010 the Law Summer School starts off with a one-week seminar series on German and European law in Freiburg. After that, students start their individual internships at institutions of their choice. A meeting of all scholarship holders takes place July 16-17 in Berlin. This date marks the official ending of the summer school. Internships may be continued afterward.


    To apply for a law internship you must be a law student enrolled at a university in the US or Canada at the time of the internship. Applicants must prove that they have student status at the time of the internship. German language skills are welcomed but are not necessary.

    How to apply:

    If you are interested in participating in the DAAD Law Summer School 2010, please submit the following documents (all mandatory):

    completed application form
    curriculum vitae/resume
    a list of subjects studied by the time the internship begins
    a list of preferred subjects
    a letter of reference from a senior academic/professor in your field of study
    official university/college transcript.
    Documents should be sent via email to Reference letters, transcripts etc. should be sent in a sealed envelope to:
    Referat 313
    DAAD Summer Law School
    Kennedyallee 50
    53175 Bonn

    Application deadline:

    Applications must be sent to Germany between October 1, 2009 and January 15, 2010

    For further info:

    please contact:

    Source: Law Summer School
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    Adobe Summer internships

    Adobe Summer internships

    Summer internships

    Get a taste of the real world. Adobe internships provide valuable work experience to enhance your academic pursuits. As an intern, you'll be involved in exciting team projects with some of the most talented people at Adobe. You will learn from the best while working in a fun and creative environment. And yes, you will get paid.

    Internship benefits
    • Competitive salary and holiday pay
    • Fun social events and recreational activities
    • Participation in company meetings and events
    • Opportunity to establish valuable career contacts
    • Employee discount on Adobe products

    To be considered for a summer internship at Adobe, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and actively pursuing a degree
    • Impressive academic achievement
    • Have the legal right to work in the United States
    • On track to graduate between December 2010 and June 2012

    Technical positions
    Internships are available for BS/MS/PhD students in computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, and similar technical majors. Programming experience is a must. Typical technical internships include:

    • Software engineer
    • Software quality engineer
    • Information systems
    • User interface engineer
    • Computer scientist

    MBA positions
    Internships are available for MBA students with a technical undergraduate degree. Previous experience is required; experience in the software industry is highly preferred. Typical MBA internships include:

    • Product manager
    • Product marketing manager
    • Strategic/business analyst
    • Financial analyst
    • Human resources analyst

    Nonengineering positions
    Internships are available for business students with strong communication skills and a passion for technology in the following support organizations:

    • Customer Support
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Legal

    Internships are offered at the following Adobe offices:

    San Jose, California, United States
    San Francisco, California, United States
    Seattle, Washington, United States
    Newton, Massachusetts, United States
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    How to apply
    Internship recruiting begins in late fall. Submit your resume online and create a profile. To begin your job search, select College Internships or College MBA Internships in the Category pull-down menu.

    Adobe recruiters regularly search our resume database. If there is an appropriate match for a position, you may be contacted by a hiring manager or recruiter.

    If you have general recruiting questions, e-mail

    Adobe - Internships
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    Summer 2010 Internships, Institute for Women's Policy Research

    Summer 2010 Internships

    The Institute will offer internships in three areas for summer 2010:
    Research Internship. Interns will provide administrative and research support to researchers. Duties include: assisting with literature reviews and data collection; designing charts, graphs and tables; answering phones; and filing. Qualifications: Strong organizational skills, good interpersonal skills, interest in policy research and women’s issues; exp. with statistics, economics or social sciences through coursework.

    Research areas for the summer of 2010 include:
    The quality of women’s jobs, including wages, access to health insurance, and paid sick leave.
    The work and welfare experiences of low-income women at the state and national levels.
    Increasing access to higher education and non-traditional jobs for low-income women.
    Expanding access to income supports for women such as Unemployment Insurance and Family Leave.
    Strategies for improving child care access, affordability, and quality.
    Older women's economic issues, including social security and pensions.
    Women’s civic activism and new strategies for engaging a diverse range of organizations in women’s-issue activism.
    The economic status of women and girls, women of color, and immigrant women across the United States.
    Communications and Outreach Internship. Interns will provide administrative and editorial support to the communications team. Duties include: assisting with proofreading, and gathering articles; assisting with media outreach; layout and design of Fact Sheets and Research-In Briefs, and answering phones. Qualifications: Detail-oriented individual with good writing and computer skills, Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver or other desktop publishing software, and web design experience preferred.

    Development Internship. Intern will help development team with direct mail, data entry, grant-writing, and fundraising. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about grant-writing, non-profit fundraising, and direct mail programs. IWPR receives support from foundations and government agencies, as well as individual and organizational supporters. Qualifications: Should have an interest in fundraising and non-profit management; prior experience with fundraising at any level is desirable, but not required; basic computer skills required and knowledge of Microsoft Access preferred.
    All IWPR interns must have good computer skills, excellent writing and communication skills, and an interest in women’s issues. Prior office experience is desirable, as interns are responsible for a certain amount of general office work, such as photocopying, answering phones, filing, and maintaining the library.
    IWPR is committed to diversity and encourages people of all ethnic, cultural, economic, and sexual orientations to apply.
    Summer internships run for a period of 10 weeks, beginning in May or June and ending in July or August. Starting and ending dates are flexible. Interns receive a stipend of $100 per week.

    Persons interested in applying should submit a cover letter specifying the internship for which they are applying, a resume, one confidential (sealed) letter of recommendation, and a writing sample of 3-5 pages to:

    Internship Coordinator
    Institute for Women's Policy Research
    1707 L Street, NW, Suite 750
    Washington , DC 20036

    Applicants may email the above materials to However letters of recommendation must be sent by mail or emailed to the Internship Coordinator directly by the recommender.

    Applications for Summer 2010 Internships are due by March 2, 2010. Please note that only complete applications will be considered. Applicants will be contacted only if selected for an interview. Questions may be addressed to the Internship Coordinator via E-mail at

    Institute for Women's Policy Research

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