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    UPDATE: các bạn trước khi yêu cầu hãy vào trang http://sci-hub.tw để tìm trước nhé. Mình thấy rất nhiều bài các bạn yêu cầu có thể tải trên trang đó. Thân!
    Mọi người có nhu cầu nhờ thì reply lại post này
    Nhớ ghi rõ phân ngành, ví dụ "Computer Science - Machine Learning"
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  2. vdkhoi

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    Nho download e-book

    Chao ban admin,
    Nho ban download gium minh e-book ten la "Agent based Supply Network Event Management" cua tac gia Birkhauser. Cuon sach nay ve linh vuc "Computer Science-Intelligent Database System" ban a.
    Thanks ban nhieu.
  3. lecanhdinh

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    Chao admin,

    minh nho download giup book chapter:

    "Spatial Object Modeling in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces"

    linh vuc: "Computer Science"
  4. Tartan

    Tartan n-1 years in Tibet

    Hope this help

  5. Tartan

    Tartan n-1 years in Tibet

    Today I am so lazy and sleepy, I decide to wisely spend my idle mind to google the book for this folk. :D
    See, I am a very nice guy. ;)

    BTW, I have found this book at http://knowfree.net/ ; It has quite a lot of CS books.

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  6. lecanhdinh

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    Cam on admin nhieu lam,
    bay gio nho admin mot lan nua nhe! download gium:
    "Integrating Fuzzy Logic, Optimization, and GIS for Ecological Impact Assessments "
    linh vuc: Earth and Environmental Science
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    Bạn Tartan sẽ nhận lời cảm ơn từ bạn lecanhdinh.

    Việc download thì bạn tạm chờ thêm nhé
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  9. vdkhoi

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    Cam on bac admin nhieu lam. You are really nice guy :D
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  10. Tartan

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    I am not an assman :p

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    Comrade Dinh, you need to thank me again :p

    To admin: the attachment feature does not work well. It limits the pdf filesize 19.5KB and zip file 95Kb. I am wondering if you can change the options so that other guys (including me) can use it, instead of using a 3rd-party upload service.

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    Thay mặt 2 bác Dinh va Khoi, cảm ơn bạn Tartan
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  14. nguyen

    nguyen Viên mãn

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    Here you are
    @Tartan: Changed to 500KB for both PDF and ZIP, sorry for not being able to make it bigger, hosting is currently 100MB only (before we can buy our own hosting)
  16. manet

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    Wow! How generous you are!

    Having posted call for help in the morning, and just after hours, I have the paper at hand.

    Special thanks again.
  17. manet

    manet Thèm thuồng

    It's me again :D.

    This time, I'd like to say thank to guy who has replied just before Admin, and telling me to show him my email.

    Thanks for your very kind intention! In fact, we have known each other already. I will directly send you a mail the next time :D.
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    Tôi có thể down, nhưng lại phải bật Linux, SSH vào 1 máy ở 1 Lab khác, rồi bật Browser. SSH trên Windows thì không bật được normal browser (Firefox, Mozilla), mà simplified browser like Lynx thì khó biết cần click vào đâu để down
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    ssh -X


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