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    Chào ACE,

    Giáo sư mình hiện nay đang muốn tuyển ứng viên Thạc Sĩ, Tiến Sĩ cho kỳ mùa xuân hoặc mùa thu năm 2017. Nội dung chị tiết được đính kèm dưới đây. Mong ACE gửi thông báo tới những bạn có yêu cầu. Xin chân thành cám ơn!

    Announcement for PhD and Master candidate positions at Power System and Sustainable Energy Laboratory,
    Department of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Inje University

    • Professor: Hyung-Man Kim
    • Lab’s name: Power System and Sustainable Energy
    • Research area: Fuel Cells; Renewable Energy such as Photovoltaics, Wind Turbine and etc. Energy Materials such as Catalyst, Membrane and etc.
    - Power system design, new & renewable energy
    - Fuel cell, ocean kinetic energy.
    - Power system design, internal combustion engine, new & renewable energy
    • Location: 197 Inje-ro, Gimhae, Gyeongnam 621-749, Republic of Korea.

    All applicants with the qualifications hereunder, can apply:
    - Excellent Master’s degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.
    - Excellent knowledge of English or Korean (above 700 TOEIC scores or TOPIK 5)
    - Experience in performing power energy system; professional in simulation and analysis programs, such as Catia, Ansys, Star-CD/ES-PEMFC, MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW control, Comsol, etc.; excellent command of Korean or English; high motivation to work in an interesting, scientific energy; independent work method and ability to work in a team.
    - Experience in writing SCI papers is advantageous.
    Power System and Sustainable Energy Laboratory may exclude applicants at any time on the grounds of non-eligibility by reasoned order. Applicants will be informed of their exclusion via email.

    2. SUPPORT
    - Full scholarship for university expenses, all tuition/application fees + monthly salary 900,000 KRW and 600,000 KRW for PhD and Master Candidates, respectively.

    - Deadline date of apply: November 31, 2016
    - How to apply: Received directly or by e-mail
    - Required Documents
    • Resume including research plan, PDF file or copy
    • Transcript (bachelor and master), Degree Certification, each PDF file or copy
    • English or Korean Certificate
    • List of publications and awards

    - Selection Method:
    • 1st: Documentary screening
    • 2nd: Interview by e-mail, skype and etc.

    Power & Sustainable Energy Laboratory, Department of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, 304 Room, G building, Inje University, Gimhae, South Korea, 197 Inje-ro, Gimhae, Gyeongnam, 621-749, Republic of Korea.
    • Professor Hyung-Man Kim (Phone: +82-55-320-3666, Email: mechkhm@inje.ac.kr)
    • Dr. Nguyen Duy Vinh (Phone: +82-10-6668-0985, Email: vinh.nguyenduy@hust.edu.vn )
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