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    Tôi ko có kinh nghiệm apply job ở các công ty này chỉ biết rằng ở Phillips research có 2 PhD người VN đang làm việc ở đó cả hai đều tốt nghiệp PhD ở Twente về công nghệ nano. Ở ASML thì chưa thấy ai là người VN làm việc ở đó. Đó là công việc research còn công việc ít liền quan đến research thì có khá nhiều người VN làm việc ở Eindhoven High Tech Campus chủ yếu là tốt nghiệp Master ở các trường đại học xung quanh Hà Lan.
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    Cảm ơn bạn Thanh Lam nhiều
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    PhD position cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University Netherlands

    December 18, 2011

    “PhD position in FMRI. Maastricht University (Brain Imaging Centre) offers an 3y position in Analysis, under the supervision of Dr. K.Uludag The position is available effective immediately.
    The position is offered within a consortium of 4 partners, which in addition to Maastricht University consists of Research Centre Jülich (Jülich Forschungszentrum), University of Liege (Cyclotron Research Centre) and Glaxo-Smith-Kline (Clinical Imaging Centre London). Funding comes from a FP7 PEOPLE grant. The selected candidate would become a member of the Neurophysics Marie Curie Initial Training Network organized by the 4 partners.
    We are looking for an applicant who is (1) motivated to use and/or help engineer cutting-edge methods of data acquisition (physics) and data analysis; (2) enjoys the (technical) challenges of working in a unique, integrative and multidisciplinary environment. (3) shows an interest in applying newly developed data acquisition techniques to a core question in cognitive neuroscience.
    The project involves the development and use of multivariate classification methods applied in high field FMRI to get insight in human brain activity underlying processing of high-level sensory stimuli.
    The selected applicant will become part of a multidisciplinary research team. Membership of the Initial Training Network offers the opportunity for cross-discipline interactions with fellow PhD students.
    Qualifications and Requirements
    Relevant backgrounds include engineering, physics, mathematics, advanced statistics and data analysis, software programming, computational modeling. Knowledge in the field of neurology or cognitive neuroscience is helpful.
    Because of the trans-national mobility rules of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, this position is open only for candidates who do not have the Dutch nationality, have not had a prior employment contract at the Maastricht University, and have not resided in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.
    Contact Information
    Mrs. Boschma Jeannette
    Maastricht University
    Cognitive Neuroscience
    Universiteitssingel 40
    6229 ER Maastricht
    E-mail: neurophysics@maastrichtuniversity.nl
    Website: http://www.neuro-physics.eu
    Closing date: 2012-01-09
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    Anh ơi, anh có thể cho em thêm ít thông tin về học bổng của trường TUE này không ạ. Em cũng đang apply học bổng này. Cho em hỏi là final stage của học bổng này là gì ạ? Interview hay là 1 hình thức j khác ạ?
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    for combined PhD researcher position at Eindhoven University of Technology and Stoneroos BV.

    We offer a 4-year full-time PhD research position in the field of Adaptive Hypermedia and User Modeling at the department of Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands.
    The candidate will be enrolled in FP7 research project EURECA: Enabling information re-Use by linking clinical REsearch and Care (http://eurecaproject.eu/) that studies linkage of healthcare information residing in electronic health record systems with information in clinical research information systems, such as clinical trials.

    The Dutch company Stoneroos BV (http://www.stoneroos.nl/en) is teaming up with TU/e to contribute to the semantic interoperability and data mining research aspects in this project in order to design a personalized information source for patients (and patient groups). Stoneroos is an innovative company, sprouted from the TV-domain, which focuses on products like iTV applications, second screen apps, metadata enrichment, etc., bringing cutting-edge technologies like semantic Web technology in the area of personalization to the real world, resulting e.g. in the iFanzy personalized TV recommender system. TU/e has guided that research in the past and has extensive experience in data mining and personalization.

    In the EURECA project 18 partners from 8 countries work together to offer better information to both patients and specialists, using many ICT techniques such as information system architecture, semantic interoperability, data mining and knowledge discovery.

    The successful candidate will focus on a set of tasks aiming to integrate state-of-the-art and yet to be invented techniques in personalization, user modeling, semantic interoperability and data-driven intelligence for developing personalized/adaptive information services for different groups of patients and medical professionals.
    It is expected that the PhD candidate will be involved in the complete R&D cycles including theory/framework building, implementation of the software prototypes, experimentation with real data and evaluations/user studies.

    We are looking for highly motivated applicants with a Master degree in Computer Science or other related disciplines. You are expected to have good knowledge and at least some experience in one or more of the following areas:
    - Personalization and user modeling,
    - Semantic interoperability,
    - Data mining, recommender systems, information retrieval.
    Successful candidates are expected to posses
    - Good analytical and software development skills,
    - Good command of spoken and written English,
    - Good communication skills and willingness to collaborate with other researchers and developers having diverse background,
    - Experience with writing research papers and technical reports is a plus, but not mandatory,
    - Basic knowledge of medical informatics and clinical research is a plus, but not mandatory.

    Stoneroos is offering a position as researcher and software developer in the EURECA project. The assignment involves a full-time position for 4 years.
    The candidate is expected to prepare and defend a PhD at TU/e within these 4 years.

    As researcher/developer you will be staying on average 3 to 4 days a week at Stoneroos and 1 to 2 days at the TU/e for guidance in the PhD process and further collaboration with the TU/e researchers, mainly prof. dr. Paul De Bra, dr. Mykola Pechenizkiy and dr. George Fletcher.

    You will also collaborate with researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Philips Research taking part in EURECA, and participate in the Dutch national research school SIKS: School for Information and Knowledge Systems.

    Applications including CV, (link to) master thesis, motivation letter and 2 references for recommendation should be sent by email to tue.stoneroos@gmail.com.

    For more information about the job description, please send inquiries to the same e-mail address (or one of the corresponding advisors).

    The screening process will start immediately and continue until the position is filled.
    Candidates must be available to start working in this position at the earliest possible date, but no later than December 1st, 2012.
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    mình muốn tìm những trường mạnh về ngành computer vision/image processing/video encoding ở Hà lan mà tìm chỉ thấy mỗi Endihoven? Ai biết có thể giúp mình được không?
    Thx U!
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    cho em hỏi thêm là em muốn học master nhưng vẫn muốn join vào lab và (nếu được) thì nhận stipend cho của lab thì có được không ạ? Vì em xem list people trong lab thì chỉ có PhD student thôi và mail cho giáo sư cũng ko thấy reply lại :(
    Em có kinh nghiệm research và đã có 1 paper rồi ạ.
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    bạn ơi cho mình hỏi HSP là học bổng j vậy?
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    Bạn ơi, cái này bạn hỏi google thì nhanh có câu trả lời hơn đó:


    HSP là học bổng rất hào phóng của chính phủ Hà Lan dành cho international master students, nhưng đến đầu năm 2012 thì chương trình học bổng này đã kết thúc do funding cut rồi. Nếu bạn muốn xin học bổng master ở Hà Lan thì tốt nhất là vào website của từng trường xem cụ thể. Mỗi trường đều có các scholarship program riêng dành cho master students.
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    thực ra mình google rồi và biết là nó cắt rồi nên mới hỏi lại bạn đấy :))
    Mình vào tìm hb các trường rồi cơ mà thấy có vẻ khó phết, TU Delft chỉ có mỗi 16 suất cho tất cả các khoa :(. Khó thật đấy. Ở Hà Lan còn học bổng nào có thể apply nữa ko bạn nhỉ?
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    From Jack (Jarke) van Wijk If you are interested in a PhD on Information Visualization (or know someone who is), please contact me. I am at IEEE VIS coming week, or send me an email. We have an exciting open position.

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    Data Science Center của TU/e mới mở, chủ yếu là gom các nhóm làm về data science như visualization, database, process mining, algorithms để giải quyết các bài toán về data analytics và big data. Dưới đây là call của nhóm làm về process mining mở 5 vị trí mới về process mining. Mọi người có thể giới thiệu bạn bè để apply. Việc một lúc mở 5 vị trí mới cho cùng một topic sẽ làm giảm tính cạnh tranh, do đó cơ hội cho các ứng cử viên sẽ cao hơn.

    Một chút về nhóm của GS Wil Val de Aalst. Đây là nhóm lớn với hơn 30 người chủ yếu xoay quanh mảng process mining và business process management. Nhóm này là nhóm mạnh nhất trên thế giới về mảng này, gần như dominate tất cả các nhóm còn lại mỗi lần xuất hiện ở hội nghị riêng của lĩnh vực này (BPM).

    Riêng gs. Wil là người có số citation rất cao trong computer science (top 10), mặc dù process mining ko phải là mảng lớn, có lẽ là do lĩnh vực business process management khá phổ biến. Ngoài ra nhóm mạnh cũng vì lý do là có open source tool phát triễn riêng ProM. Tôi ko làm trong lĩnh vực này nên ko đánh giá được việc ProM có được industry dùng một cách thật sự hay ko.

    Công cụ của process mining ở nhóm này chủ yếu là dựa trên các model xây dựng bởi Petrinet. Hướng làm này hơi khác so với machine learning truyền thống vì vậy bải vở của nhóm gần như ko xuất hiện ở các hội nghị của machine learning hay data mining mà xuất hiện ở cộng đồng business management. Gần đây một số tạp chí của IEEE chuyên về information system và data knowledge engineering có chương trình để promote process mining publication nhưng ko biết có thành công hay là ko vì cái này còn phụ thuộc vào phản ứng của giới academia làm về data mining và machine learning và giới industry. Gần đây tôi có thầy SAP phối hợp với nhóm này để integrate ProM vào các công cụ của nhóm. IBM cũng có các bài phỏng vấn với gs Wil để ngỏ khả năng sử dụng ProM trong tương lai.

    Bản thân tôi không hiểu biết nhiều về phương pháp của process mining nhưng có cảm giác là những gì nhóm này đang làm sẽ phát triễn rất tốt, đặc biệt những bạn muốn xin job academia sẽ có nhiều khả năng hơn vì được vào một nhóm mạnh nhất mà sự cạnh tranh là từ phía trên nhìn xuống.

    Data science, and process mining in particular, is growing in importance.
    Therefore, we have several PhD vacancies for people with a strong background
    in data mining, machine learning, process analytics, predictive analytics,
    or Big Data. Currently, we are looking for:

    ***** PhDs working on Process Mining/Data Mining/Data Science *****

    The AIS group is one of the leading groups in the exciting new
    field of process mining (www.processmining.org). Process mining
    techniques focus on process discovery (extracting process models
    from event logs), conformance checking (comparing normative
    models with the reality recorded in event logs), and extension
    (extending models based on event logs). The work resulted in
    the development of the ProM framework that is widely used
    in industry and serves as a platform for new process mining
    techniques used by research groups all over the globe. Moreover,
    many of the techniques developed in the context of ProM have
    been embedded in commercial tools. See also www.processmining.org.

    The Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSC/e) is TU/e’s response to the
    growing volume and importance of data (http://www.tue.nl/dsce/).
    For example, in TU/e's Impulse program we collaborate with
    innovative organizations such as Perceptive Software on topics related
    to data science and process mining.

    In the context of various research projects we are looking for several
    PhDs working on process mining and related topics:

    - We are looking for a PhD working on Big Data and process mining.
    Events are growing and detailed analysis based on formal and precise
    models is often infeasible without distribution or innovative mining

    - We are looking for a PhD working on concept-drift analysis in process
    mining. Process models are changing while being analyzed. This requires
    techniques coping with "second-order dynamics".

    - We are looking for a PhD working on the application of process mining
    to health-related data generated by a variety of devices (movements,
    heart rate, blood pressure, etc.).

    - We are looking for a PhD working on the new process cube notion
    where ideas from process mining, big data, and OLAP technologies are
    combined to answer a variety of questions. Event data are sliced and
    diced and one can drill-down to apply more detailed process mining analyses.
    This is also closely related to managing collections of process
    models, dealing with huge data sets, and distributed process

    - We are looking for a PhD working on analysis techniques that
    help organizations to detect trends within their own operations
    on the basis of the hybrid and vast amounts of data that are processed
    and stored by the enterprise systems they use. The idea is to integrate
    outcomes from process mining analyses, social network analyses, and
    natural language processing to obtain new insights on how they perform
    as a whole and for specific departments/products/customers.


    We are looking for candidates that meet the following
    - a solid background in Computer Science or
    Information Systems with an interest in process mining;
    - knowledge of data mining, machine learning, process analytics,
    predictive analytics, or Big Data. (demonstrated by a relevant Master);
    - candidates from non-Dutch or non-English speaking countries should
    be prepared to prove their English language skills;
    - good communicative skills in English, both in speaking and in writing;
    - moreover, candidates are expected to realize research ideas in
    terms of prototype software, so software development skills are

    Note that we are looking for candidates that really want to make a
    difference and like to work on things that have a high practical
    relevance while having the ability to work in one of the strongest
    research groups in the world. Moreover, we would like to prepare
    candidates for interesting data science related jobs (sometimes referred
    to as "the most sexy job of this century") in both academia and industry.

    Appointment and salary:

    PhD's will be employed by the TU/e using the standard conditions for Dutch
    See http://w3.tue.nl/en/services/dpo/conditions_of_employment/tue_conditions_of_employment/
    for more information on working at TU/e, salary, etc.

    Application: Interested candidates are requested to send an
    application by e-mail to Ine van der Ligt (e-mail:
    wsinfsys@tue.nl) with the subject field "Process Mining Vacancies

    The application should consist of the following parts:
    - motivational letter;
    - a curriculum vitae;
    - copies of diplomas.

    Applications should be received by December 8st, 2013. In the application,
    candidates should relate their expertise to the topics mentioned
    (cf. www.processmining.org) and describe their language and software
    development skills.
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    The TU Eindhoven (TU/e) has a vacancy for a Postdoc position in the field of data mining, knowledge discovery and web analytics in the STW (Dutch Technology Foundation) funded project "Context Awareness in Predictive Analytics" (CAPA), within the expertise group Web Engineering (WE) of the TU/e. The position is fully-funded for a period of 1 year. During that period funding for an extension will be applied for.
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