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    Dear All,

    Could you please help to circulate as widely as possible about the call for member of GYA (

    In the last two years there were applications from Vietnam, but none was admitted despite my very best effort in the last two years.
    One of very important creteria is academic EXCELLENCE, so, candidates who have strong track record should apply.
    Second cretiria is IMPACT, as the candidate would have very little change to engage with GYA. As you know we already have our VYA (Vietnam Young Academy):

    So, being engaged with VYA is essensential to show your committment to deliver impact at least in your own country.
    We now have a draft version of constitution for VYA, I am working on it, and will circulate to core members and advisors before uploading, and as with any consitution it be amended when it is necesessary.

    Any candidate would like to apply for GYA, do not hesitate to contact me, I can advise on how to prepare the application and also write a letter of support.
    Many many thanks for your great help

    Kind regards

    Professor Nguyễn T. K. Thanh FRSC MInstP
    Chair in Nanomaterials
    UCL Healthcare Biomagnetic and Nanomaterials Laboratories
    21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS &

    Biophysics Group
    Department of Physics & Astronomy
    University College London
    Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK

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