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    Post-doc opening in medical image analysis at Rutgers University

    Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Scientist position, Laboratory of Computational Imaging and Informatics, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
    Position: Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Scientist position
    Organization: Lab of Computational Imaging and Informatics, Rutgers Univ.
    Location: Piscataway, NJ
    Deadline: 06-01-07

    Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Scientist position at the Laboratory of Computational Imaging and Informatics (, Rutgers University in the area of Biomedical Image Analysis and especially multimodal registration, shape-based modeling, visualization, and image segmentation. The Computational Biomedicine Lab provides a unique interdisciplinary research environment with internationally recognized collaborators from Medicine, Biology, Mathematics, and Engineering.
    The position entails research in computer-aided diagnosis for detection of prostate and breast cancer in collaboration with researchers from the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, NJ, and the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA. The candidate will benefit from mentorship of a diverse research team and will be exposed to cutting-edge technology.

    Applicants should have a doctoral degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics or a related field. The successful applicant will have solid research, interpersonal, and communication skills. Prior biomedical image analysis training is welcome but not required. The position is open immediately and the salary compensation is very competitive. For consideration, please submit your application preferably in one single PDF-document including cover letter, a full CV, a statement of research interests and career goals and the names and email addresses of three
    references to, with subject line "PDF/RSP: (your name)".
    For more information please email Prof. Madabhushi ( New Jersey offers an outstanding environment for research and professional opportunities for growth and collaboration, including the largest medical center in the country.
    Rutgers is an equal employment opportunity employer and smoke-free environment. Women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Contact: Anant Madabhushi
    Laboratory for Computational Imaging and Informatics
    599 Taylor Road,
    Piscataway, NJ 08854
    Phone: 732-445-4500 (x 6213)
    Fax: 732-445-3753
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    Nanyang Assistant Professorships Scheme

    Nanyang Assistant Professorships Scheme

    Research Opportunities for Outstanding Young Researchers

    NTU is now seeking outstanding young researchers and scholars to join the NTU Faculty as

    Nanyang Assistant Professors

    with an attractive remuneration to be negotiated in line with the university's practice and with the prospect of tenure track appointments to follow.

    During the coming year NTU expects to make up to 10 such appointments which will also be accompanied by start up research grants of up to S$1 million over 3 years. At the end of this period, there is the prospect of renewal and/or of tenure.

    These appointments can be held in any School of the University including arts, design and media, humanities and social sciences, business studies, strategic and international studies, communication studies and all areas of science and engineering.

    For further information regarding the NTU position, please send your email to

    Candidates who intend to pursue a research career in Singapore should also be aware of the possibility to apply for Fellowships under a scheme promoted by the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) which could also be held at NTU and which, ultimately, could lead to an offer of a Faculty position at the university. See

    Closing Date: 1 September 2007

    More about NTU@Singapore
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    Sao 2 trường NTU và NUS họ làm tốt thế nhỉ ?
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    NRF Research Fellowship Scheme (Singapore)

    NRF Research Fellowship Scheme

    The National Research Foundation (NRF) has announced a Call for proposals targeted at young talented post-doctoral fellows at or below the age of 35, and is open to all nationalities. Each appointed Fellow will be provided with a research grant of up to US$1.5 million over three years with the option of a second round of three-year funding plus a salary linked to that of Assistant Professor in Singapore. A previous post-doctoral stint at a reputable university would be advantageous.

    The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore is one of the leading research-intensive universities in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a centre of excellence in a number of areas in the natural sciences and engineering and is rapidly developing capabilities in the arts, humanities and social sciences. In science and engineering, priorities include life and materials sciences, environmental engineering (including advanced water technologies and clean energy, protective technologies), international strategic studies in which its Graduate School is a World leader, the Nanyang Business School (ranked third in the Asia-Pacific Region), and key studies in Chinese culture, and China.

    The NTU wishes to encourage applicants to hold their Fellowships at NTU and, ultimately, successful applicants could be offered faculty positions in the university. For further information about NTU please go to:

    Applications are to be made through the NRF's on-line submission system, RITA, by 15 Sep 07. More details can be found at this website:
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    [US][CS] Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer

    The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization in McLean VA
    (, has several opportunities to work with
    forward-looking government sponsors seeking to apply the mechanisms and
    principles of biological intelligence to longstanding problems of
    national importance.


    Key Functions include:
    -- Assist Government Program Managers in developing and managing
    research programs that exploit our growing understanding of the
    neurobiological basis of intelligent behavior.
    -- Monitor and assess the technical state-of-the-art in cognitive and
    computational neuroscience, and identify opportunities for applying
    emerging insights from neuroscience research towards problems in the
    domains of: artificial intelligence, automated perception, robotics,
    human performance, human-computer interaction, biotechnology and
    -- Perform original research as necessary to answer specific questions
    or to provide a proof of concept.
    -- Prepare technical presentations, reports and tutorials as necessary
    to communicate progress and findings to colleagues and government

    Desired Education / Experience:
    PhD in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence or
    related discipline. Experience in both experimental and computational
    neuroscience methods is preferred.

    Required Skills:
    -- Familiarity with quantitative and qualitative concepts in the
    computational and cognitive neurosciences
    -- Proficiency in one or more of the leading computational/cognitive
    neuroscience modeling tools and/or frameworks
    -- Outstanding oral and written communication skills, including the
    ability to clearly present complex technical concepts to both technical
    and non-technical audiences
    -- Ability to plan, conduct and publish original scientific research --
    including the ability to consider alternative approaches and to
    identify factors affecting cost or risk

    Desired Skills:
    -- Computer programming skills, particularly in Matlab and C/C++
    -- Proficiency in PDP++/Emergent, NEURON, Genesis, or any of several
    popular neural modeling tools
    -- Strong knowledge of current theoretical and experimental trends in
    the areas of learning, memory, and visual attention
    -- Familiarity with hardware-based implementations of neural systems,
    e.g. neuromorphic VLSI (preferred but not required)

    Please apply online at:
    When applying, please reference Req ID: 8212
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    I've heard a rumor that MITRE tends to hire US citizen which makes sense to me since almost all MITRE's contractors are from US Army and DARPA.
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    Thanks for your info.
    This level of information sharing is what our is aiming for.
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    Postdoc position in Telefonica (Knowledge Discovery in Multimedia), Barcelona

    Postdoc position in Knowledge Discovery in Multimedia Databases

    The research group on Internet and Multimedia in Telefónica R&D*
    Barcelona invites for applications for a Junior Research position in the
    area of Knowledge Discovery in Multimedia Databases.

    We are looking for dynamic, creative, and resourceful individuals to
    join our research efforts in modeling of complex systems and companion
    analysis of large data sets related to multimedia content. Our research
    impacts all areas of the company, including projects related to IPTV or
    internet content distribution. The successful candidate will join a
    multi-disciplinary team of scientists dedicated to advance and use
    computational methods to solve challenging user-oriented problems such
    as Recommendation Engines or Content-based indexing and IR.

    The applicant should have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Electrical
    Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, or other related
    scientific disciplines, combined with strong computational modeling
    and/or algorithmic skills. Knowledge and experience in additional areas
    such as statistical data analysis, data mining, signal processing,
    machine learning and pattern recognition, and other topics in artificial
    intelligence are desirable. Experience in the multimedia field will be
    taken into account but it is not strictly necessary.

    Although this particular position is designed for a postdoctoral
    candidate the group is also actively seeking for doctoral students in
    this area that might be interested in finishing their Thesis in
    Telefónica R&D or in doing a research internship. If you are in either
    of these situations please do not hesitate to apply.

    We offer competitive salary and benefits and a great working atmosphere
    in beautiful Barcelona (Spain).

    Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the
    position is filled. An initial appointment for a one year term is
    anticipated with the possibility of reappointment.

    Inquiries and applications should be sent to

    Xavier Amatriain <>

    cc Anna Jordana <>

    with the subject line "KDMD Postoc Application"

    * Telefónica is a world leader in the telecommunication sector, with
    presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America. As of March 2007,
    Telefónica had 206.6 million customers.

    Telefónica Research and Development is the innovation company of the
    Telefónica Group. Owned 100% by Telefónica, this subsidiary was formed
    it 1988, with the aim of strengthening the Group's competitiveness
    through technological innovation. It is the most important private R&D
    company in Spain, in terms of both activities and resources, and in
    terms of number of staff, and it is one of the most important companies
    on the continent as regards participation in European Research projects.
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    PostDoc opening - CS - France


    IAPA Project

    Infrastructure to Access, Share and Analyse Biomedical Data


    The IAPA project is funded by the Paul Sabatier University and includes the ICR (Institut Claudius Regaud, Hospital and Research Centre Institute against Cancer) as a partner.

    This project aims at building up a software and hardware infrastructure to allow for the cross-correlation of biomedical data coming from very diverse sources. The objective is to head for an infrastructure that will allow the synthesis and the cross-analysis of patient data in order to discover new diagnoses, therapies and treatments against cancer.

    Context of the work:

    Medical data are from very different nature, coming from heterogeneous sources distributed among the territories. An integrated medical system, able to find all the possible data for one patient, does still not exist. Many obstacles slowed the process: political, ethical, financial and informatics problems.

    This latter dimension of the problem is at the heart of the project. Available data are nowadays numerous, heterogeneous, multimodal, time stamped, structured and unstructured, É:

    - administrative information about the patients (age, gender, address, É)

    - clinical analysis (blood test, glucose and cholesterol rate, ...)

    - regulations and results of therapies

    - images from different nature (PET, MRI, X-Ray)

    - gene expressions

    To sum up the state of medical information, one can see the following: The medical practice generates more and more diverse information (text, images, video, tables, É), structured or not, raw data or data coming from a analysis process, stored or not in specialized data centres. The combination of these data proves however very useful in various fields of exercise of medicine (research, learning). Paradoxically, while the potentially useful data do not cease growing in quantity as in quality, it becomes increasingly difficult, even impossible to control and access them as a whole.

    PostDoc subject:

    The work of this PostDoc will be interested to have a modelling of the data available within a common framework, whatever its modality (clinical images, data, gene expressions...). Then this modelling will allow to build up tools for indexing and searching of data from their storage centres.

    The objective of this PostDoc is thus to propose solutions making it possible to better apprehend the heterogeneity on the level of the contents of information (heterogeneity in terms of structure and formats of the data) as well as on the level of access methods to these data. For this, a proposal is to investigate the problem from 3 different axes: First is concerned with the definition of a common reference pattern (terminology and ontology) allowing for the description and annotation of the data. Second is interested in the description of the data themselves (description of the metadata associated with them). Finally, last is concerned with the requests to the data, exploiting these metadata.

    A second part of the PostDoc will be to build algorithms and methods making it possible to find correlations between the various data available. Data mining techniques will be used in order to highlight the links and causalities between facts present in the available data sets. The aim is to make appear spontaneously some new knowledge, for instance concerning the therapy obtained using identified drugs over some (population of) patients. Multidimensional analysis or rule associations sets, among others can give some answers to this problematic.

    Scientific Background:

    PhD in Computer Science in the areas of: Data representations, ontologies, data indexing, datamining, multimedia
    Working experience in the field of Medical Informatics, being familiar with medical terminologies.
    Fluency in English. French is a plus.

    Duration and Salary:

    18 months
    2100 euros / months, gross salary

    Conditions to apply:

    This position is opened to foreign applicants. The conditions are thus:

    Not being a French citizen
    Not being more than 35 years old
    Not having completed a PhD in France
    Not being employed in a Research centre in France

    Contact :

    Prof. Jean-Marc Pierson, pierson at

    Prof. Mohand Boughanem, bougha at
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    Job vacancies, Pisa, Italy

    Employment Opportunity (IAC/InterActiveCorp -- IACI) is reinforcing the Web search team in Pisa, Italy. Currently, the open positions are for Researchers and Software Developers

    Your field of activity:

    + Design and develop applications for a large-scale search platform
    + Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval Image & Video
    + processing

    Our requirements:

    + Interest in Research
    + Interest in Algorithms on massive datasets Strong knowledge of C++
    + (STL and Boost) experience with parallel computation attitude to work
    + in a team motivation to explore new research problems

    We offer:

    + A young and stimulating work environment A beautiful office in the
    + center of Pisa, Tuscany, Italy -- not far
    away from Florence, Rome, Venice ( )
    + Carreer opportunities in a Fortune-500 company Relocation

    Please send your application to:

    Sara Folegnani ( ) Pisa, Corso Italia I-56100 Italy
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    Two faculty positions at Wellesley College - US

    Faculty Positions at Wellesley College

    Wellesley College is delighted to announce two faculty openings for the next academic year, 2008-09. The first is for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Computer Science; the second is for a two-year Hess Fellowship, generously funded by the Norma Wilentz Hess Faculty and Program Fund in Computer Science.

    We are seeking outstanding teachers and scholars for both positions. The tenure-track position has a teaching load of two courses per semester, with the possibility for a one-year pre-tenure early leave to help the candidate extend and promote their research in preparation for tenure. Wellesley provides startup research funds, ample opportunities for internal research funding and strong support for external funding.

    The Norma Wilentz Hess Fellowship is funded at the Visiting Assistant Professor level. This fellowship will help Wellesley maintain a flexible Computer Science curriculum that explores interdisciplinary learning and new directions of special promise. With a teaching load of one course per semester, the Hess Fellow will have ample opportunity for innovative course development and collaborative teaching and research projects with Wellesley faculty and students. The fellowship also includes support for travel, research, equipment, conference attendance, and other academic activities.

    Applicants should have a Ph.D (or be close to completion) in Computer Science or a related discipline. Strong candidates in any area of specialty will be considered, but we especially encourage applicants in computer systems, computer security, architecture, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, as well as interdisciplinary fields such as human/computer interaction, bioinformatics, educational computing, and ethical, social, and legal aspects of computing.

    Wellesley College is a highly selective private undergraduate liberal arts college for women that places heavy emphasis on excellence in teaching as well as research. Located 13 miles west of Boston, Wellesley provides a unique combination of access to a major metropolitan center while retaining a sense of the country with its 500-acre campus, lake, and woodlands.

    The Computer Science Department offers both a major and a minor in computer science and supports interdisciplinary programs in media arts and sciences, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Cross-registration programs with MIT, Olin College of Engineering, Brandeis, and Babson and proximity to other Boston-area universities and industries dramatically increase the curricular and research resources available to Wellesley's faculty, staff, and students.
    For more information about the department and the college, please visit For more information about being a faculty member at Wellesley please see

    The application should indicate whether the candidate is interested in one particular or both positions. It should include a CV as well as a research statement and a teaching statement, and three letters of recommendation should be submitted electronically. Given the composition of the undergraduate body, the candidate should possess the ability to provide effective mentoring to undergraduate women, and describe how s/he would contribute to increasing the number of women in physical/computer sciences. To apply for this position, candidates should submit their application materials via e-mail to

    Applications will be considered until the position is filled. For full consideration, all materials should be received by December 31, 2007. All questions concerning the position should be directed by email to Professor P. Takis Metaxas at

    Wellesley College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and we are committed to increasing the diversity of the college community and the curriculum. Candidates who believe they can contribute to that goal are encouraged to apply.
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    Wellesley college has a very nice campus and I believe a lot of smart girls out there. The CS dept seems very small and focuses on teaching rather than research.
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    Research Job Opportunities: CollaborativeEuropean Research Project Position

    Excellent Research & Technical Innovation Management Job Opportunities

    Collaborative European and National Research Project Positions at Reading University UK, IMSS

    At the Intelligent Media systems & Services Research Centre, IMSS (, we are offering some of the best research career opportunities and the highest benefits in an environment of interesting research, creativity and adventure including support for our researchers to do a part-time PhD alongside their work on closely related international research projects, present their work worldwide and develop an international research career.

    We would like to discuss the research and management opportunities with candidates who have recently graduated with a first class degree or are just graduating at Masters Degree level in Computer science or a closely related discipline who might be interested in working on exciting and innovative projects here at the University of Reading; plus the possibility of support under the University fee waiver programme for registering on a part-time PhD; more information on or

    We also have vacancies for post-doctorate researchers wishing to start a career as a research leader (technical project management).


    Deadline for submission of applications is 2nd November.

    Successful candidates can join us at any time between November 2007 and February 2008.

    The vacancies are at Research Assistant/Fellow level and Senior Research Fellow (normally Post-Doctoral) level. In this current recruitment phase we are interested in candidates with knowledge and R&D experience in any of the following 12 fields:

    1) Data Mining Technologies

    · Data Mining,

    · Linked Mining

    · Data Warehousing

    · Distributed Databases

    · Machine Learning, CBR

    2) Natural Language Processing

    · Dialogue Management

    · Multi-modal Indexing

    · Query support

    3) Pattern Recognition & Optimisation

    · Speech & Sound Recognition

    · Speaker Recognition

    · Image Recognition & Tracking

    · Natural Algorithms & Adaptation (Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms)

    4) Enterprise Systems Integration

    · Enterprise Applications J2EE-based Integration and Client Server Technologies

    · Semantic Workflow Integration

    5) Semantic Service-oriented Systems

    · Ontology Engineering,

    · Semantic Web/Grid

    · Web Services

    · Profiles Repositories Management

    · Agent-broker frameworks

    · Dynamic Media Adaptation & Personalisation (MPEG 21 Standards)

    · Metadata Standards such as XML, SOAP, .NET etc

    · Adaptive Media Transcoding

    6) 3D Modelling

    · 3D Modelling,

    · 3D Imaging, Reconstruction,

    · Visualisation,

    · Virtual Reality

    · Augmented Reality

    · Image Recognition & Motion Analysis

    7) Access & Tagging Technologies

    · ID Management

    · RFID

    8) Communications Technologies

    · Wireless Technology

    · Telecommunication Protocols

    · Network Security

    9) Embedded Systems:

    · Embedded-systems designs encompassing both hardware and software aspects (e.g. VHDL programming, Memory controller interfaces such as SRAM, SDR and DDR).

    · Experience of a range of parallel -programming techniques: parallel loops, loop-nest scheduling, parallel reduction, divide-and-conquer, pipelining, task-based parallelism

    · Real-time processing and parallel decoding of telecommunication protocols.

    · FPGA design tools experience.

    · Sensor Networks

    10) Rights Protection Technologies

    · Digital Rights Management including Finger Printing, WaterMarking & relevant MPEG21 standards

    11) Advanced Multi-modal Interfaces

    · Affective interfaces

    · Embedded Conversational Agents (ECAs-Avatars)

    12) Forensic Computing

    For more details see our web page and the application form which can be downloaded from

    We are very happy to talk to any researchers interested in applying, they can contact us by phone 00 44 (0)118 378 7842 or email

    Further information and application forms are available at or telephone 0118 378 6771 (voicemail).

    Intelligent Media Systems & Services Laboratory

    University of Reading
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    Research Fellow in Computer Graphics

    Job title: Research Fellow
    Qualification: PhD in CS, EE or related fields
    Work Experience: Fresh Ph.D. graduates are also welcome to apply
    Technical Skills: Strong research track record in computer graphics with good quality of publication lists in major journals and conferences
    Excellent C/C++ OpenGL/OpenCV programming
    Soft Skills: Excellent in communication and documentation
    Abilities/Aptitudes: Integrated, professional, passionate and dedicated
    Innovative thinking, problem solving and system implementation
    Brief Job Description & Responsibilities: Research in computer graphics with the delivery including publications, patents, and prototype systems

    Please email CV to and short listed candidates will be interviewed
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    apprentice Thèm thuồng

    Professor in Computer Science

    University of Lugano
    Faculty of Informatics

    Open Positions for Full, Associate, and Assistant Professors

    The University of Lugano (Switzerland) invites applications from candidates of international research standing for Full or Associate Professor positions in computer science; young researchers with strong record are invited to apply for Assistant Professor positions. The new professors will be expected to conduct world-class research in computer science and to contribute to teaching at the bachelor, master, and the PhD level.

    The Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano (Università della Svizzera italiana) was established in October 2004.
    It offers Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees in computer science, with an innovative, project-based, inter-disciplinary curriculum.
    The research of the current faculty falls in the areas of software engineering, distributed systems, networking, information retrieval, programming languages, computer architecture and formal verification.
    We are looking to complement and extend our research areas. Applicants in selected areas of computer science are welcome with particular interest in systems (operating systems, networking, database systems, human-computer interaction), and theory (theory of computation, algorithms). We particularly welcome candidates with a strong interest in developing systems and tools in support of their research and teaching.

    The official teaching language at the faculty is English.

    Basic requisites:
    - Venia Legendi, or the Habilitation, or an equivalent PhD;

    Applications with curriculum vitae, list of publications, the names of three referees, and an overview of personal teaching and research goals should be sent in electronic form (preferably in PDF format) to the following email address: .

    Applications received by December 15, 2007 will be given priority.

    The University of Lugano specifically encourages female candidates to apply with a view towards increasing the proportion of female professors.

    General information about the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Lugano can be found at

    Address questions concerning these open positions to
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    apprentice Thèm thuồng

    DB Faculty Position at Univ. of Alberta, Canada

    The CS Dept at the Univ. of Alberta (Canada) is looking for an individual to fill a tenure track position at the level of Assistant Professor or junior Associate Professor in the areas of databases and/or data mining. For more details about the position, the department and how to apply please refer to:
  18. apprentice

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    Faculty Positions at RIT

    Computer Science Faculty Openings Fall 2008

    The Computer Science Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology invites applications for tenure-track positions beginning August 27,
    2008 in the areas of data management, data mining/discovery informatics, distributed systems, and cryptography/security.

    The Department of Computer Science is part of the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. The Department has 28 full-time faculty and enrolls over 850 B.S. and over 200 M.S. students. Faculty in the Department actively participate in the College's unique Ph.D.
    program in Computing and Information Sciences, as well as the Center for Advancing the Study of Cyberinfrastructure (CASCI). The college also includes the departments of Information Technology; Networking, Security, and Systems Administration; and Software Engineering.

    The Department emphasizes a strong commitment to teaching and research.
    Faculty are expected to develop and teach undergraduate and graduate courses and to participate in a research program. All applicants must hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science or a closely related computing discipline by the starting date, be committed to excellence in teaching, have demonstrated potential for excellence in research, have strong communication skills, and have the ability to contribute in meaningful ways to RIT's commitment to cultural diversity and pluralism.

    Applications are currently being accepted and will be accepted until December 31, 2007. Please submit a letter of interest, a current curriculum vitae, a one-page statement of teaching interests/philosophy, a one-page statement of research experience/interests, and a copy of exactly one recent representative research paper. Candidates should visit for more information about the positions, the application process, and the college. In addition, please arrange to have at least three letters of reference sent directly to the Computer Science Search Committee, c/o Ms. Sandy Ferrara, Department of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, 102 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623-5608 or to
  19. apprentice

    apprentice Thèm thuồng

    University of Arizona, CS position

    The University of Arizona
    Department of Computer Science

    Faculty Position

    Applications are invited for a tenure-track faculty position.
    Our preference is to hire at the Assistant Professor level, but we will consider outstanding applications for a tenured position.
    Candidates must hold a doctorate in computer science or a related field, have a commitment to excellence in teaching, and demonstrate excellence in research.

    The Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona has a long history of research accomplishment, influential software distribution, and substantial external funding. Currently there are also significant interdisciplinary collaborations, especially with the biological sciences.
    Major funding has included four NSF infrastructure grants.
    Current research areas include algorithms, architecture, bioinformatics, compilers, computational geometry, databases, distributed systems, embedded systems, networks, operating systems, security, sensor networks, vision, and visualization.

    We welcome applications in all areas. We are particularly interested in candidates whose research is in algorithms, data mining/machine learning, distributed systems/networking, or security.

    For full details and instructions on how to apply, please visit
    Review of applications will begin January 8, 2008 and continue until the positions are filled.

    As an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, the University of Arizona recognizes the power of a diverse community and encourages applications from individuals with varied experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.
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    apprentice Thèm thuồng

    Postdoc position in Knowledge Discovery from Genomic Data

    Postdoc position in Knowledge Discovery from Genomic Data I3S Laboratory University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France

    The Data Mining group at the I3S laboratory ( is working on methods and techniques for integrating expert and domain knowledge within information extracted from data. The group is seeking an outstanding postdoctoral candidate to join the Immunosearch project on the search for "biomarkers of human skin sensitization mechanism" on which it is associated with the Immunosearch society and the INRIA and IPMC institutes. This project is funded for the next two years by the french Ministery of Industry and "Pôle de compétitivité PASS".

    * We are looking for dynamic, creative, and resourceful individuals to join our research efforts in:
    - information and knowledge extraction on genomic data obtained from DNA arrays experiments
    - solutions for semantic knowledge integration from semi-structured and structured sources like ontologies and texts,
    - reusable software tools modeling and implementation for proposed solutions.

    * The applicant must possess prior experience in bioinformatics and should have a Ph.D degree in Data Mining or Bioinformatics combined with strong knowledge in Statistics. He must have demonstrated the ability to design and perform experiments to validate research hypotheses.
    Knowledge and experience in additional areas such as biological knowledge bases, bioinformatics software and software development are expected. Prior experience in working in an interdisciplinary, team-oriented atmosphere is desirable.

    * Conditions
    - The candidate must speak French or have a good command of English
    - Duration: 12 months
    - Salary: 30000 euros / year, gross salary
    - The position will be filled in the next two months.

    * Please apply as soon as possible. Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.
    For applying send:
    - a CV (including publication record)
    - a brief research description presenting your Ph.D and related research interests (1-2 page(s))
    - your two best publications
    - names of two references.

    * Inquiries and applications should be sent to Martine Collard ( and Nicolas Pasquier ( with the subject line "IS PostDoc Application".

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